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Version 2
  • https://pastebin.com/QFHZhWC1
Major re-balancing done to most of the cast. Most machines now have a top speed over 1200 km/h.
This should be the last major change to the non-custom machines.
Version 3 will update the custom parts, so stay tuned.
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Ready to get XTREME?

This is a vehicle stats mod similar to Unleashed which changes the performance of all the original 41 non-custom machines. Although this mod takes it a step further and buffs the machines to extreme levels. The end result is crazy fast, brutal, and very unfair.

Featured Changes

  • The top speed average has been brought up to over 1200 km/h for most of the machines, while some machines will be able to reach 1300+.
  • Boost power in general has been quadrupled, which brings the average boosting speed up to 2000+ km/h.
  • Machine's handling & acceleration has been fine-tuned to fit the faster pace of the game.
  • Some machines have been radically altered to introduce new gameplay styles & challenges. Some examples are: complete removal of strafing ability, extreme changes to boost duration, removing varying degrees of drag, and more.

The fun part too is that all of these changes get applied to your AI opponents! If you thought they were BS before, just check this out. They'll snake like mad, and make jumps so far that they'll pretty much land on the finish line.
At the very least though, they are inconsistently good, and some of the very strong AI also have very weak defenses. Therefore they should be pretty easy to take out, assuming they don't kill themselves first.

Balancing & Settings Warning

Most of the testing for this mod was done with 100% Max Speed settings in mind. Everything should work from 50% to 100%, but some machines break below 50%.
Those machines are: Super Piranha, Green Panther, and Wild Boar.
On the upside though, due to the way drift accel works, they'll have beyond 0% snaking performance at 51% settings.

I should also note that I balanced things with advanced techniques in mind. In particular Momentum Throttling (MT) is key for many of the ships with lowered drag.

Also, be wary of a glitch that can happen right as your machine lifts off the ground at the start. With certain accel & weights, some machines can potentially instantly die before the race begins. I fixed what I've come across, but if this still happens, please notify me.

Lastly, just as a general note, this mod is kinda unbalanced. I gave it my best effort, but I generally prioritized fun over balance. So some machines are super good, while others are meh, and some are intentionally bad as a challenge. Ultimately if you want balance, go play Unleashed.

What else is in this mod

Aside from the modified machine stats, I gave the main menu a new look & sound to help give the mod a different feel from the base game. I also included files to change the game ID (XFZE01) to differentiate it from the original in Dolphin, or any USB loaders. I included a ready-made save file too, for those that don't want to re-unlock everything.

Machine Stat Changes Sheet

I'd rather you play and find out on your own... but if you really want to spoil yourself, then all the stat changes are listed here:


  • xtreme_4dd8a.zip 4mo old 132 DLs 28 mb
  • version2_updated_files_only.zip only includes the files that were updated for version 2 4mo old 3 DLs 8 mb


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Special Thanks
For unearthing the memory values, and creating the easy to use RAM Watch overlays
For pioneering this sort of stat edit mod


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Member Joined 5mo
762 points Ranked 6121st
3 medals 1 rare
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