Ganondorf Community Balance Mod

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Changing spot for updates
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Moving balance updates
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I have a discord where this character and other characters will be discussed and modded for the community. I am working on a mod called the "Community Balance Project" where I will be getting input and discussing with people how certain characters should be buffed/nerfed.

I've expressed my feelings before on how I thought Ganondorf is one of, if not, the hardest, character to balance in Smash 4 for multiple reasons. My balance philosophy is that each character needs a balance between frame data, mobility, and power. Each of these has their own sub categories that I don't want to get into right now, but in general this is performed well on most characters in smash 4. Since this balance needs to be achieved in order to make a character good without being broken, Ganondorf is a struggle. He is much too slow to compete with any character that has projectiles or a half baked camp game and at the same time kills opponents with a stray hit at 60 percent. This is where balancing becomes an issue with him, Ganon's mobility is severely lacking making it a need to buff his ground and air speed, but with this the balance becomes out of wack and his power needs to be nerfed. The only thing is, he is supposed to feel powerful so that makes nerfing his power a complete grey area to figure out. As of now I have compiled a list of pros and cons that Ganondorf has and made a list that you can see below:


-Hits like a train made of osmium filled with more osmium
-Go-go-gadget magnet hands for safer recoveries
-5th heaviest character in game
-Some of the best aerials in the game


-3rd worst run speed in the game
-2nd worst walk speed
-horrible air acceleration
-lowest double jump height in the game
-jump squat is 7 frames
-god awful out of shield options
-semi fast-faller
-some meh frame data
-really bad throws
-grab size is really bad for a character his size
-his stupidly beautiful huge-ass body
-his shield size is garbage
-lackluster landing lag
-easily gimpable
-specials are slow as hell
-up tilt has no practical use (volcano kick is so disrespectful)
-warlock punch is beautiful, but good luck hitting it
-kinda poor jump power
-still kinda a falcon clone

As you can see his cons very much outweigh his pros and that is what I will be trying to fix. So far this is what I have in terms of changes but keep in mind that this is fairly undeveloped and there are more things that I would like to accomplish.


Walk acceleration increased to 0.05 from 0.03
Walk Max Velocity increased to 1.145 from 0.73
Dash Initial Velocity increased to 1.55 from 1.3
Max Run Velocity increased to 1.473 from 1.218

Jump Squat decreased to 5 from 7
Jump V Velocity increased to 30.585876 from 25.48823 (20% increase)
Hop V Velocity increased to 14.693112 from 12.24426 (20% increase)

Air Speed Increased to 0.96 from 0.79

Up Air landing Lag reduced to 14 from 19

Shield Size increased to 14.8 from 12.6

Jab comes out on frame 4-5 from frame 7-8
Damage Lowered to 6/8/6 from 8/10/6

Up Tilt Wind hitbox Removed
Damage lowered  to 16/16/10/8 from 28/28/20/18
Hitbox comes out on frame 36 from 81
Shield damage increased to 35 from 20

Grab size increased to 6 from 4
Dash Grab Size Increased to 5.8 from 3.2
Pivot Grab size increased to 7 from 4

Down Throw Angle changed to 75 from 65
Damage reduced to 6 from 7
BKG increased to 80 from 70
KBG increased to 70 from 60

Like I said before, this is still a work in progress, so I am open for discussion on any ideas and concerns that anyone may have with this project.

Edit: Go to page 4 for my reasoning on why I did what I did for this mod.



  • 24dEdited 24d
    BlueWorldStudios avatar
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    Why not give Ganondorf super armor for his Volcano Kick instead of merely making the move faster at the price of power? Sure, he needs to be faster, but noticeably decreasing some of his moves to about the same power as other characters moves while increasing his speed by hardly noticeable margins wouldn't do him any good (his jab should honestly kill sooner than others given it's a singular hit that has no real follow-up potential). He'd still be quite slow and not as powerful as other options out there who have some other advantage over him besides speed. Maybe that's just me but it feels like Ganondorf's not strong enough for somebody so horribly immobile; he has some good kill moves but a lot of his moves are simply lackluster like Dark Dive, Wizard's Foot, his grabs. Those should be buffed before anything else.
    An Artist
  • 2mo
    I would Die if this was packed... Please? :D
  • 2mo
    dorito guy * avatar
    Member Joined 5mo
    Some buffs i could put in :
    F-air has a sweetspot and a sourspot , sweetspot is vanilla , but 1.2x times stronger . sourspot does 0.8x times stronger , but it's a meteor effect
    The shield's durability is the same as jiggs , but a bit more fragile
    Up-tilt's time to attack is falcon punch's one , but nerf the damage
    That's it , if this could make ganon way too op , tell me
  • 3mo
    Some of these changes look a bit weird to me, I need to see them in action. Video preview? Maybe some highlights about what this changes do?
    Edgehog lover
  • 3mo
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    Why did you increase the shield damage on a move that was an instant shield break?
    • Agree x 1
  • 3mo
    Just make Ganon like other heavies, fast, have a good throw, and easily combo-ed  
  • 3mo
    i thought to take it seriously, then you said "go-go gadget magnet hands" and i clicked download
    Stay off the hook!


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