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Annihilation X v1.5 Update only - Doom 3

A Mod for Doom 3

            Annihilation X Update v1.5 (09-05-2k17) by Dafama2k7 (Original mod by Spunky !)


    This update is VERY IMPORTANT, why ? Because let you to load savedgames again, even when using pets, before this was cause a very bad problem that not let to load the savedgames, but now i am using a different approach for the scripts that let to load saved games again, cool !


    v1.5 - Machinegun texture color is more dark brown & green camouflage.
         - Ammo grenades color coincide now with the hand grenade.
         - Updated textures for BFG, shotgun, chaingun, grenade, machinegun and pistol, more detailed.
         - Nozzle light on the plasmagun reduced in size but increassed its brightness.
         - Changed in game menu gui song.
         - Shotgun now has darker wood in the hand place and the metal has more rugosity.
         - Double barrel now has a more darker wood and the metal part has more rugosity.
         - Pistol now is brown color and has more rugosity.
         - Better soda machines look bright but even better.
         - Updated and enhanced the E3 HUD bringing almost the same features as the D3 HUD, also updated the E3XP HUD too.
         - Fixed Pet Sentry A.I. script, it doesn't try to move when in idle, also, can now recover a little its health.
         - Updated skin for the Rover car model, now look amazing !
         - Now, its fully compatible with Wulfen & MonoXead HQ textures !
         - The Chainsaw skin colors for both the view and world model now are orange.
         - The skin color for Cannister and Air Cannister have been changed to blue.
         - The armor security and the PDA textures have doubled its size and now are more detailed.
         - Now, the fists show one hand launching the projectile.
         - Enhanced models textures for some mapobjects and items.
         - Fixed a bug in Pet Sentry and Demon_Sentry.
         - Now, after teleport a Pet, it increasses a little its own health.
         - Increassed the number of units that contains both ammo cell small and big, it was not enough.
         - Fixed Zombie Commando Plasma and its Pet counterpart, now it spawns and fires faster and enough time.
         - Bettered both the zsec and zombie_commando scripts.
         - When a Pet is low on health it can be saved by teleporting the Pets, because its health is filled again in every teleportation,
         - Fixed Pet_Pinky, now it works fine.
         - Now, Pets start with a little more health than its BAD counterparts.
         - Fixed cgun & pgun zcommando and Zsec mgun and pgun scripts and its Pets counterparts.
         - Fixed adding Pets with team 0 on some maps as a Pets, now this is fixed.
         - Now, the Pets based on ZSecs have a clean skin, no blood and have the faces of Mars City personnel.
         - Increassed health to all Pets, now they are stronger and keep alive more often.
         - Newer Pets added, all kind of Pets, just type in the console the command spawn pet_ [and then press TAB to see a list of Pets available].
         - Fixed ZCommandos not dissapearing when dead.
         - Fixed Pet_HellKnight trying to kill themself !!!
         - Added and fixed monster_demon_white_imp and Pet_whiteimp.
         - Made Pet_whiteimp to be much more powerful and inflict more melee damage and also its fireballs does more damage to its enemies.
         - Fixed Pets not following the player at all.
         - Enhanced further more all Pets.
         - Added a green point that can be seen in the dark, to the chaingun.
         - Pet_Wraith would become visible again after a combat.
         - Made weapon_gravitygun to be optional, by default its not loaded, not enabled, so it does not consume valuable resources.
         - Fixed flashlight not making a flash when hit firing in RoE, now it does.
         - Fixed some stupid bugs in RoE.

    v1.4 - Machinegun texture color changed to clear brown & green camouflage.
         - Added more push to the hand grenades and rockets.
         - Added Objective gui for the E3 hud on both base & d3xp (RoE).
         - Fixed pistol & machinegun too high fire sounds.
         - Fixed and updated Pet Mod files.
         - Re-enabled Tets - Enhanced gore mod, requires to add into the AX start.cmd the line '+set image_useprecompressedTextures 0'.
         - Bettered all the weapons, specially BFG and Plasmagun.
         - Re-enabled some IDO sounds, specially the ammo pickup ones.

    v1.3 - Increassed the damage for machinegun and plasmagun.
         - Added better effects for the fireball on Imps and Hellknights.
         - Enhanced the handgrenade, now it really explode each of the 3 grenades on its own time.
         - Fixed the Lostsoul and Forggotten flying demons.
         - Added muzzleflash to cacodemon.
         - Fixed some RoE files.
         - Fixed some small bugs on base.

    v1.2 - New soda machines that have brilliant skin, look great !
         - Pistol texture color changed to green.
         - Chaingun texture color changed to red & black camouflage.
         - Increassed clip size for the pistol up to 14 bullets.

    v1.1 - Enhanced all weapons, better made.
         - Bettered the physics for hand grenades.
         - ChainGun weapon have now a more large clipsize.
         - Fixed small bug in A.I. and bettered the demon Wraith.
         - Updated shaders to latest version.
         - Machinegun, chaingun (barrel only), plasmagun and BFG now are brighter.
         - Machinegun color changed to blue.
         - Enhanced detail for pistol and shotgun.

    v1.0 - First public update version.
         - The scripts updated for to be able to load again savedgames !
         - Shaders updated but keeping the look of the previous ones.
         - Weapons had been optimized and enhanced, but balanced, no big changes.
         - Bugs fixed.

How to use it...:

    After install the .pk4s contained in the folder mod to the Annihilation X mod folder, you should edit the autoexec.cfg and include this on it...:
        bind "f" "_impulse40"        // WEAPON_LIGHTONOFF
        bind "x" "_button5"            //"script commandPet()"    // Commands one Pet  (Select, Move, Attack, Follow)
        bind "mouse2" "_button6"    //"script commandAll()"    // Commands all Pets (Move, Attack, Follow)
        bind "v" "_button7"            //"script commandSpawn()"// Spawns pets into a new area//

    Then save it and all will work good.

Very Important...:

    Add the next line to your autoexec.cfg or execute it on your in game command line interface...:
        Image_usePrecompressedTextures 0

That's all !!! :D


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Dafama2k7 avatar
Dafama2k7 Joined 8y ago
Doom Marine
8,481 points Ranked 792nd
24 medals 1 legendary 5 rare
  • Submitted 50 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Submitted 20 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Became a Game Pioneer Medal icon
  • 6 years a member Medal icon
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