Night-Slash Greninja (Purple Trail + Darkness Eff)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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I wish Greninja at least had some Darkness effect because it's a Water-Dark Type after all right?
Replaces the Sword Trails (Taken from Zelda's Phantom), and Slash effects on Greninja's cut attacks to Darkness Effects.
This is a gamefile because of the slight moveset changes to Greninja (The Darkness effects over its Cut attacks)
Please read the ReadMe if you want to remove one of the files. (The Darkness effect or the Slash Trail itself)
The Darkness effect is not wifi safe, when you slash someone it disconnects with someone else who doesn't have the darkness effect installed..
I'm not sure if this is wifi-safe but the only thing I changed for the moveset is just the Fair, and All smash attacks  into the darkness-effects.



Change the Kunai to Purple


  • 3mo
    GucciPoochie avatar
    Member Joined 7mo
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    The darkness effects are not wifi safe, It disconnects the moment you slash someone. The trails are just fine though, fyi

    Surprised no one bothered to report it
  • 5mo
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    Yah Boi Not online
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    I love it. Good job on making this. Will you continue working on the trails? Like could you make more purple? Also I noticed at the end of the trail there is a white block. Could you fix that?
    Yah Boi
  • 5mo
    StarStormNess avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    332 points Ranked 12124th
    Does anyone know how to rextexture the water Kunai he uses on its smash attacks and fair?
    I reach for the stars!
  • 5mo
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    Pretty sure it'd be wi-fi safe :P looks cool


    Death to all!


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Creator Of the Mod
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Creator of mod


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