Trick Room: Every character's speed reversed

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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If you're familiar with Pokémon, you may know about a certain move called Trick Room. This unique move has an effect like no other: it reverses the effects of speed, so that fast is slow and slow is fast! The most sluggish threats will get the first strike in, while faster ones will be left helpless! 

Translating this mechanic perfectly to a Smash game wouldn't really make sense, given that "speed" is a much more complicated concept in this game than simply being able to attack first, and can be applied to a plethora of mechanics such as movement, startup lag, endlag, and et cetera. However, I decided to take a simple interpretation of the general idea of Trick Room and reverse the movement speed of every character. This includes running speed, walking speed, air speed, and fall speed. 

In order to do this, I went through the game data and picked an "average" value for each type of speed (1.6 run speed, 1.1 walk speed, 1 air speed, 1.5 fall speed), and then reversed every character's speed for each around the average. For example, a character who runs 1.25 times faster than average now runs at a speed of 0.8 times the average running speed, and et cetera. Fastfall speed remains as a modified value of regular fall speed, so a character who used to fall 1.6 times faster when fastfalling will still do the same even with their new fall speed. 

Honestly it took me like a day to make this. Absolutely zero thought went into balancing this, and I changed all of the values as objectively mathematically as possible. Transformation-based Final Smashes are included, and Limit will make Cloud move slower and floatier as opposed to faster. However, I decided to leave Monado Arts and Lightweight unchanged since they're balanced with more significant upsides and downsides that I don't want to mess with. 

Values such as acceleration and gravity are left unchanged, so fall speed changes may not be as noticeable and obvious as you might expect. For example, Jigglypuff retains having the lowest gravity value in the game, meaning that she will still remain rather floaty due to taking a long time to reach her new extremely high falling speed. However, if you fastfall with her, then she will immediately drop like a rock. 

Some notable quirks are that Sonic, Captain Falcon, and Ryu will now walk faster than they can run, and Bowser comes very close to passing this threshold as well, due to the four of them having extremely high differences in their running and walking speeds. 

I included an Excel spreadsheet in the download that shows all of the new speed values for every character and how I calculated them, in case you're interested to see exactly what changes are taking place here. 

Let me know who are your favourite characters to play as in Trick Room, who you think are the new best and worst characters, and any other experiences you've had with this mod! I just think that the concept of reversing everyone's speed is hilarious so I'd love to hear about anyone's amusing experiences with this. 

Both packed and unpacked versions of this are included, so you can install and run this easily even if you don't have a game dump and Sm4shExplorer. Installation instructions are included so that you should be able to run this very easily even if you've never used mods in your life before. It's literally as simple as dragging a few files onto your SD card, you don't need to know anything about anything if you want to try this out. 



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