Smash Rebuffed [Version 1.7a]

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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1.7a Bugfixes
  • Edited Packed and Unpacked Versions of 1.7a
  • Nametags added
  • Ganondorf's "Toad: Destroyer of Worlds" c09 nus3bank fixed
Apologies for the sudden update, but I had actually forgotten to add the nametags and TexID Ganondorf's voice for the Toad alt. They should be fixed now. If there are any issues, please DM me here on Gamebanana or tag me in the Smash Rebuffed Discord.

If you have downloaded this before 1:15 PM EST, please redownload.
Smash Rebuffed 1.7a Update
  • Replacing Version 1.6c is 1.7a!
  • Updated Title Screen!
  • Nametags added to the CSS!
  • New costume for Link! [1]
  • New costume for Dark Pit! [1]
  • New costume for Olimar/Alph! [replaces c08]
Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 1.7a update for Smash Rebuffed. Fair warning, the gameplay edits made to this update have been significant, so it may feel slightly faster than before. This was intentional, so watch out for any new possibilities! The changelog has more statistical detail on what was done.

You should also know that Lucina and Olimar were heavily edited for 1.7a. Olimar has been drastically improved, and Lucina plays even more differently from Marth. Be sure to check them out! Check the changelog for more details on all the edited characters.

After this update, we will begin Wave 2 of costumes, which will have a different color scheme which will be talked about. [Link and Dark Pit will have already technically received Wave 2 costumes at this point.]

Again, we thank the players for their incredible feedback and support for Smash Rebuffed. Thank you so much for letting this mod become a reality, and enjoy the new update! 

Rebuffed to Suit Your Needs!

Welcome to Smash Rebuffed! 

What you're looking at is a plentiful moveset edit that increases the viability of all fighters and adding a familiar, but new experience to them.  Fighters likely have new twists and tricks that make them different from their vanilla counterpart to keep the gameplay fresh, interesting and most importantly, entertaining! Expect faster pacing, more exciting battles and longer combo strings as you dive in to your favorites!

A packed version of Smash Rebuffed is included in the normal download and two dropbox links containing the unpacked version (or a RAW version with no cosmetic changes to the game) are also available. To install Smash Rebuffed, simply drag the Packed Version onto the SD card's root, or install the files manually using the Unpacked versions and through Sm4shexplorer.

Come help us balance at Discord! We're more than welcome to accept new people! Click here to join in and we'll welcome you with warm reception!


The videos below contain some basic gameplay of Smash Rebuffed to get a sense of how the mod plays and how characters are different from their vanilla counterparts. Most are tagged with a version number in the title. More videos can be found on the YouTube channel


The following link is a Dropbox folder that contains all of the patch update changelogs from the initial release to the current version. Check every time an update occurs. There will always be a changelog for each update.


Click here for a link of character screenshots. All fighters with images have Smash Rebuffed Exclusive Recolors. 

DISCLAIMER:  Only Smash Rebuffed Costumes and approved costumes are included. Any other mods seen in videos are likely not included unless otherwise specified.


Smash Rebuffed is a fun and exciting gameplay overhaul; let's keep improving on it for the most optimal experience possible!


Alternate Download Locations


  • 8dEdited 8d
    HeavyDumps avatar
    HeavyDumps Offline
    Member Joined 8d
    A little feedback, on tower of heaven whenever ganon performs a side-b on bowser, bowser dissapears for a second. Also, any plans to buff or nerf custom moves? I really love ganondorf's down b. wizards dropkick, and would love for wizards assault to be viable, since that move is pretty garbage. great work btw, keep it up.
  • 22dEdited 22d
    SoundCat04 avatar
    SoundCat04 Offline
    Member Joined 4y
    By any chance. can you able to fix ryu saying Hadouken when he throws a normal fireball instead of saying Shakunetsu?
    Sound Changer
  • 1mo
    Yah Boi avatar
    Yah Boi Not online
    Member Joined 1y
    1,419 points Ranked 3323rd
    7 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
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    • 1 year a member Medal icon
    Hey, I was wondering if you could add the Knee of justice to Captain Falcon's back? 
    Yah Boi
  • 2mo
    GiganX3 avatar
    GiganX3 Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    Not feeling Bowser sliding so much with Side Smash. Will that stay?
  • 3mo
    Regulus01 avatar
    Regulus01 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    214 points Ranked 17117th
    Hello again,

    I'm having issues with the latest version of rebuffed. After converting the unpacked version from us to eu I've been having problems with the costumes I've added. As extra slots I have for example the dry bowser skins as extra slots but after installing the current version they just disappear from the game even though you can still see the extra skins in smash explorer. Also the title still reads 1.3, not 1.4, just as a sidenote.
  • 3mo
    ZeeeN avatar
    ZeeeN Offline
    Member Joined 3mo
    Aww, no EU version :/
  • 4mo
    Rang avatar
    Rang Offline
    Member Joined 10mo
    573 points Ranked 7682nd
    Can you give me a non expired discord link
    Tooo.... Fast 4 You
  • 4mo
    Is there anyway to include the additional recolours in the packed version? I'm using a digital version of the game so as far as I know, I can't use Sm4shExplorer :S
  • 4mo
    Foovy avatar
    Foovy Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    175 points Ranked 19423rd
    Hey there! Firstly I want to say that I love this change of pace to smash, if I was not trying to get better in the competitive scene then I would play this often. When I first installed this I had a blast and then decided to try out my main, Diddy Kong. I understand that he is a really strong character and that the two bananas and the offstage pressure using down throw is really good, but he just feels "boring" compared to the rest of the cast. Most of the cast got a lot of changes that made them interesting to learn and really fun but diddy feels like the same thing to me but with a ridiculous down throw and 2 bananas. I am not sure what I want to be changed but he just feels kinda boring when I play ganondorf or something the game before. If you read until this point thanks for listening and sorry if I sounded rude or anything at any point.
  • 4mo
    Regulus01 avatar
    Regulus01 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    214 points Ranked 17117th
    I've been playing this mod for awhile now and I'd like to give a little bit of a review:

    I've been using Robin a lot for the past week and I've got to say while it is a huge help that the cooldown of her specials and levin sword are reduced I still have the feeling, that she has a hard time catching some opponents, for example Corrin who has become a really speedy character when it comes to combos and endlag. I think it would help if robins moves would come out a bit faster and her down throw would be a combo starter. I have nearly the same problem with yoshi as he seems to have next to none endlag in the air and his dash attack has a lot of knockbag. Also the spike from his down air in the end can be a lot of pain. 

    That would be it for the negatives. When it comes to positives, the most important one would be the makover you gave ganondorf, that guy needed it. He has become one of my most used characters next to my main bowser.

    That would currently be my opinion. I hope it helps a bit on some ends. Have a nice day.


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Borderless Title/Loading Screen Mod
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