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Super Smash Bros XXL V1.0 (500+ Skin ModPack)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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For Fun Version and new build ready 3y
  • - The For Fun (Build with stages changed) is ready. I was having some trouble with the Stage Select Images, so there not all there. I'll try to fix it hopefully soon. Use the Stage Credits link to double check what all is changed
  • - I was having the hardest time uploading these, which is why its taken so long to get them up. If the files don't work let me know ASAP because it takes forever to get these builds actually uploaded.
  • - Also For Glory version has been updated aswell. They both should have all the latest skins
Internet Crappped out on me 3y Unpacked version ready and more info below 3y Hopefully working now 3y Google Drive download links available 3y
All Credits in Online READ ME down below
The new build is finally ready!
For Fun build is out aswell as the For Glory. Tell me if you have any problems with them or they don't work, the uploads were giving me tons of trouble.

Key Features

400+ Skins
120+ Extra Skin Slots
100+ Individual Slot Voices
2 Distinct Versions

Super Smash Bros XXL is a modpack with the intent of being filled to the brim with skins, voices and more! Being one of the largest modpacks, I tried to include the best, under the radar, and even a couple joke skins for everyone to enjoy. Not only just model swaps, but alt colors too.

With Two Versions  you can play online and hone your skills or at home with friends on brand new stages! Both versions have the same skins and sounds added.

For Glory is the Wifi Safe Version. This one can be played with anyone who has the Vanilla version of smash.

For Fun is not Wifi Safe. This version adds new stages for people that want to play offline. 

Online Read Me for Skins, Stages, and Sounds.

Photo Credits:

If you have any problems please check the Known Issues file in the Gamebanana download before commenting.

Also I am always accepting requests for Skins, Stages, Music and More!

Downloads for modpack are in alternate downloads. The GameBanana file is only offline READ ME's and Troubleshooting.


Alternate File Sources

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  • Spammer305 avatar
    Spammer305 Joined 24d ago
    access_time 3d
    Do I need the game title id.  Thank you.
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  • Spammer305 avatar
    Spammer305 Joined 24d ago
    access_time 7d edit 7d
    I'm a little new at mods. Should I be using the packed or the unpacked version if I have my games on an external usb drive. Also will you tell me the correct folder structure to add this to sd:/sdcafiine?

    Thank you for this mod and for the help.
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  • FosterJr. avatar
    FosterJr. Joined 8mo ago
    access_time 7mo
    Will this modpack ever have an update? Like adding the correct names for the skins in the character select screen?
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  • RAYTEK avatar
    RAYTEK Joined 7mo ago
    access_time 7mo edit 7mo
    What is the difference between "for fun" and "for glory" ?
    Please give me the answers
    Last thing, sonic doesn't have his original skin

    URL to post:
  • Dapigin avatar
    Dapigin Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y
    Could you add Chibi-Robo ( ), Inklings ( ) and Thanos ( )?
    This is an awesome modpack!
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  • LonelyLeprechaun avatar
    LonelyLeprechaun Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y
    Is beck supposed to break the game?
    URL to post:
  • access_time 2y
    I've been having trouble with the mod, i don't get any skins or anything really, besides Rob. I looked in the files and nothing was in there besides the rob skins. Help?
    URL to post:
  • what dose packed and unpacked mean?
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  • Skyflyer_R avatar
    Skyflyer_R Joined 3y ago
    324 points Ranked 49962nd
    access_time 2y
    How did you made so that the CSP screen shows every CSP without any issue? Because I've been working with a big modpack but as there are so many they don't show starting from characters with letter Z (Zelda) and in opposite order to the alphabet as Yoshi, Toon Link...
    Game enthusiast
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  • Sonicgamer11 avatar
    Sonicgamer11 username pic Joined 3y ago
    SA2 Manager
    166 points Ranked 59566th
    19 medals 2 legendary 3 rare
    • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
    • Submitted 100 Skins Medal icon
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • Submitted 50 Skins Medal icon
    • Achieved Game Manager clearance Medal icon
    • Submitted 5 Concepts Medal icon
    access_time 2y
    will this modpack be updated soon?
    SA2 Modder
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Key Authors
Check the Read Me please
Created mods for this modpack
Original Authors
Bandai Namco Games
Sora Ltd.
Special Thanks
All the Gamebanana Modders
Making Amazing Skins/Mods
Mr.GameAlot Joined 3y ago
924 points Ranked 41311th
For helping me with Stages and Music (not out yet)
Etika World Network
For his tutorials that got me in the modscene
For his amazing tutorials
Ohhitherebuddy:D Joined 3y ago
148 points Ranked 60919th
For being my modpacks biggest fan


SilverTriforce7 avatar
SilverTriforce7 Joined 3y ago
980 points Ranked 40972nd
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Development Info


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