Super Smash Bros XXL V1.0 (500+ Skin ModPack)

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For Fun Version and new build ready
  • The For Fun (Build with stages changed) is ready. I was having some trouble with the Stage Select Images, so there not all there. I'll try to fix it hopefully soon. Use the Stage Credits link to double check what all is changed
  • I was having the hardest time uploading these, which is why its taken so long to get them up. If the files don't work let me know ASAP because it takes forever to get these builds actually uploaded.
  • Also For Glory version has been updated aswell. They both should have all the latest skins
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Internet Crappped out on me
  • So I know that I haven't been posting on here in awhile,I had another buildalmost ready for a while but had got sidetracked with stuff, however recently as in a couple days ago I started working on it again but my internet stopped working today. I'm sorry for not keeping this up to date, and I'm super glad that you guys have liked and support ed it. I never would have imagined I would get over 1000 downloads! Thanks so much, I'll try to get this newest build up as soon as possible. I still have to finish the credits and make Stage select portraits for the For Fun version. So once the internet gets back up I'll be back to it!
  • Since I haven't been up to date, what is something you guys would really like to see in the next build. I've been keeping up with your guys skin requests, so tell me if guys want anything extra like loading screens, music ect, tell me! I'll try to put that in.
  • Also on a side note, I'm typing this on my phone with 4G, my internet really did die, I swear
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All Credits in Online READ ME down below
The new build is finally ready!
For Fun build is out aswell as the For Glory. Tell me if you have any problems with them or they don't work, the uploads were giving me tons of trouble.

Key Features

400+ Skins
120+ Extra Skin Slots
100+ Individual Slot Voices
2 Distinct Versions

Super Smash Bros XXL is a modpack with the intent of being filled to the brim with skins, voices and more! Being one of the largest modpacks, I tried to include the best, under the radar, and even a couple joke skins for everyone to enjoy. Not only just model swaps, but alt colors too.

With Two Versions  you can play online and hone your skills or at home with friends on brand new stages! Both versions have the same skins and sounds added.

For Glory is the Wifi Safe Version. This one can be played with anyone who has the Vanilla version of smash.

For Fun is not Wifi Safe. This version adds new stages for people that want to play offline. 

Online Read Me for Skins, Stages, and Sounds.

Photo Credits:

If you have any problems please check the Known Issues file in the Gamebanana download before commenting.

Also I am always accepting requests for Skins, Stages, Music and More!

Downloads for modpack are in alternate downloads. The GameBanana file is only offline READ ME's and Troubleshooting.


Alternate Download Locations


  • 18d
    leo8bits avatar
    leo8bits Offline
    Member Joined 18d
    Hello, I'm having issues with the modpack, everytime I try to play, the game freezes when it loads the character selection

    what can it be?
  • 1mo
    also, is there any possible chance that you may be able to update the sans model to this one

    I saw this on Aaronitmar's channel a while back and I thought it looked absolutely amazing!
  • 1mo
    I only have one question, is the Mimikyu Skin that comes with this modpack V1 V2 or V3?
  • 1mo
    Lvl_Up_Level avatar
    Member Joined 1mo
    You should definitely add some Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill, Tales of Xilia/Bersaria skins, Rwby ofc would reel in more downloads.
  • 2mo
    DaBlue avatar
    DaBlue Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    There's a few select HyperDimension Neptunia characters, but there's a lot more here on gamebanana so I'm wondering why not complete the set? Adding in Neptune, Niore, and some of the other colored hearts besides just black.
  • 3mo
    MetalGuy1944 avatar
    Member Joined 3mo
    I'm having trouble running the mod. Every time I tried running I would just stay on a black screen.  Which files do I put in the card? And do I run it with Loadiine?
  • 3mo
    I really would want to try this modpack out but i always seem to have issues.

    First i tried putting the packed version to my sd card and start it with sdcafiine, which worked but only the skins loaded, that have been on the original skin slots, not the additional ones!
    Later i tried using the unpacked version and built it with sm4shexplorer which caused the game to freeze at the loading screen before the CSS.
    Seriously, i need an username.
  • 3mo
    Rinmanix avatar
    Rinmanix Offline
    Member Joined 8mo
    Amazing modpack. I really love it but I have the issue of cloud being completely silent with all skins. Can someone help me with this?
  • 3mo
    Mr.GameAlot avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    924 points Ranked 5029th
    Amazing work, as per usual. You probably reach limit on amount of skins, so start replacing instead of adding.  Only tip I would say is stay up to date on really cool skins. And add custom intro, loading screen, and maybe newer stages. 


    Don't Judge
  • 3mo
    Thany avatar
    Thany Offline
    Member Joined 11mo
    349 points Ranked 11591st
    Congraduations getting this version out. I almost didnt notice it with the new icon you decided to use. but it makes so much sense.
    Ill skip out on the for fun mod for now since I like playing smash online, but ill defedently play the for glory one as soon as i can. Thanks a ton.
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Key Authors
Check the Read Me please
Created mods for this modpack
Original Authors
Bandai Namco Games
Sora Ltd.
Special Thanks
All the Gamebanana Modders
Making Amazing Skins/Mods
Member Joined 1y
924 points Ranked 5029th
For helping me with Stages and Music (not out yet)
Etika World Network
For his tutorials that got me in the modscene
For his amazing tutorials
Member Joined 10mo
101 points Ranked 27681st
For being my modpacks biggest fan


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