Usefulfood v1.5 (MC 1.8)

A Mod for Minecraft

>The Usefulfood Mod gives you the ability to craft many different types of food using the ingredients already available in the game, plus a few new ones! Caramel plays a great role here and it’s perfect for the fall season. Simply smelting sugar will get you caramel and then you can use that to make caramel apples, cakes and pancakes!

And along with caramel cake, make some apple and chocolate cake too.

While you’re in the kitchen you might as well make a bunch of pancakes with all your new recipes.

Just in time for lunch, you can put together a steak, chicken or fish sandwich!

If you’re in the mood for a fishy dinner, why not make some calamari, sushi and fish n’ chips.

And for dessert head out back, start up a fire, and roast marshmallows!   :)

Although you’ll have to actually roast them in a furnace but it’s the thought that counts. Not only will this mod provide you with new and interesting food recipes, the new combinations will give you more food points so you can satisfy your hunger pangs quicker.

*This mod made by Silentspy*

*Changelog *

  • 1.4.4
  • Added: Support for MrCrayFish Oven (i think its kinda OP atm, but i guess he will change it eventually)
  • Added: Support for languages, check in zip\assets\usefulfood\lang, if you want official support for your language, just pm me your .lang file

  • Fixed: Chocolate Biscuits now requires 2 biscuits and hot chocolate bottle
  • Fixed: Nerfed Oreo A LOT from 19 to 9
  • Fixed: Hungrz item now drains food points when held instead of emptying it by right-click

  • Renamed:
  • Cooked Squid Tentacle > Calamari
  • Tea > Lily Tea

  • 1.4.3
  • Added: Cereal
  • Added: Chocolate Cereal
  • Added: Apple & Melon Jelly
  • Added: French Fries
  • Added: PancakeDough
  • Added: Apple & Melon Jam
  • Added: Pancakes for all the jam's, sugar, caramel and chocolate.
  • Added: Donut and Oreo
  • Added: Toasts (All the jam's, Sugar, Caramel and Chocolate)

  • Changed: Vanilla Ice Cream needs milk bottle
  • Changed: Fish n' Chips now uses French Fries instead of Baked Potato
  • Changed: All Ice Creams now cures poison
  • Changed: Cheese: reduced hungerpoints by 1

  • Removed: Dungeon loot, this feature never seems to iron out, i could extend the loot tables but that allow for way too much loot if having a ton of other mods and causes issues with that..

  • 1.4.2
  • Added: Caramel Ice Cream
  • Fixed: Soups didnt give you hunger points or saturation
  • Fixed: Changed item for Creative tab so it no longer trigger purple background on search tab
  • Fixed: Tons of Balancing, every item is now polished

  • 1.4.1
  • Added: Cheese Sandwich
  • Fixed: 1.5.2 crashing

  • 1.4.0
  • Attention: This update is pretty much a back-to-the-roots-update and a bugfix-update! So for now we removed some things that was included before, but will add them later in form of an addon or something
  • Updated: Chocolate Milk Bottle now have a new recipe
  • Updated: Added Magic Ice Cream
  • Updated: Added Cactus Juice
  • Updated: Added Squid Sushi
  • Updated: Added Spaghetti
  • Updated: Slightly changed textures of some items (e.g. Chocolate Candy is Chocolate Bar now)
  • Updated: Added Chocolate Apple
  • Updated: Added Caramel Biscuit
  • Updated: Added Fish Soup
  • Updated: Added Tea

  • Fixed: Every item is in its own tab now in creative inventory
  • Fixed: Changed recipes of Chocolate Bar, Chcolate Biscuit, Chocolate Milk, Hot Chocolate Milk, Cheese and Sushi
  • Fixed: Tweaked Heal Rates of all Cocoa-based-items (e.g. Cake, Chocolate Milk etc.)
  • Fixed: Tweaked Heal Rate of Magic Fruitsalad (but it gives Regeneration and Resistance now)
  • Fixed: Tweaked Heal Rate of Sushi
  • Fixed: Tweaked Heal Rate of Apple Cake
  • Fixed: Milk Bottles wont be consumed to nowhere
  • Fixed: Milk Buckets can now be used in Cake Recipes
  • Fixed: 4x sugar for sugarcube will only work if Mo's Creature is not installed (?)

  • Removed: Fruits for now
  • Removed: Storage blocks (hayball getting in 1.6), might add back later if wanted, but for now i assume its better if we split up the mod in different parts if people want these features!

  • 1.3.1
  • Updated: Added egg in the recipes for some cakes(wiki is updated)
  • Updated: New texture for bushes and they look more like grass now
  • Added: Way more configuration options(enable/disable both bushes and storage blocks and control drop rate of fruits entirely)
  • Fixed: Not being able to craft blueberry and strawberry cakes
  • Fixed: Fruits no longer drop from monsters by default but from grass(very low chance) entirely configurable tho

  • 1.3.0
  • Updated to 1.4.7
  • Added: Blueberry and Strawberry bushes
  • Added: Banana(right click to peel it), Orange, Peach, Pear and Cherry that drops from monsters
  • Added: Strawberry, Blueberry Cakes
  • Added: Banana smoothie
  • Added: Orange, Cherry, Pear and Peach Juice
  • Fixed: Cheese/milkbottle not curing poison
  • Fixed: Milkbottle no longer gives you running speed
  • Changed: All juices now give you 30 second running speed
  • Changed: Made more items appealing to appear in a dungeon chest
  • Changed: Jelly makes you jump higher for 30 seconds
  • and a ton of other minor optimizations and fixes

  • 1.2.3
  • Updated to 1.4.6
  • Changed: Added 10 seconds speed increase to Magic Apple Juice
  • Changed: SugarCube recipe is now only 4 sugar
  • Changed: Milk Bowl is now Milk Bottle (Recipe is 2 glass bottles and a milk bucket)
  • Changed: Chocolate is now a Bottle
  • Changed: Hot Chocolate is now a Bottle
  • Changed: All Cake Recipes now uses Milk Bottles instead of Milk Bucket
  • Added a UseVanillaRecipes option in config(true will disable the new Vanilla Cake recipe)

  • 1.2.2
  • Updated to 1.4.5
  • Changed cake eating sounds
  • Fixed issue with itemblock conflict

  • 1.2.1
  • Updated to minecraft 1.4.4
  • Added: Sugar Cane block!
  • Added: Made so there is a very low chance for some food to be in dungeons
  • Added: sound to cakes
  • Fixed: Looting enchant will affect squid and sheep drops (very similar to vanilla)
  • Fixed: Crafting Chocolate candy and Chocolate biscuits will give you back a empty bowl

  • 1.2.0
  • Updated to minecraft 1.4.2
  • Added Sushi and "Fish and Chips"
  • Added Raw Squid Tentacle, Cooked Squid Tentacle and Squid Sandwich
  • Added Carrot Soup and Carrot Pie
  • Added Pumpkin Bread
  • Added Melon Juice, Apple Juice, Magic Apple Juice, Carrot Juice
  • Added Sugarbiscuit, Applebiscuit and Chocobiscuit
  • Added Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Icecream
  • Fixed: Description on some items (thanks to the spotlight for pointing that out )
  • Fixed: Stats on some items
  • Fixed: Changed Config file from silentspy_usefulfood.cfg to UsefulFood.cfg(does this automatically first startup)
  • Fixed: MilkBowl, Chocolate and Pumpkinsoup gets drinking sounds
  • Slightly changed some textures
  • chocolate is now chocolatecandy in config, however chocolate is still used for freshly created chocolate
  • bisquit is now biscuit in the config (thanks to the spotlight for pointing that out)
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