Flower Tea 1.8

A Mod for Minecraft

The flower tea mod aims to improve your health in the game by not only providing sustenance but also adding abilities and removing some harmful affects to your character. And all you need is a cup, some boiling water, and an ingredient.

The effects the tea has on you will vary depending on what ingredient you put in it. Cactus Tea will help against fire, Dandelion Tea will help regeneration, and Lilac Tea will cause invisibility.

But there are some negative affected tea like bush tea causing nausea, and Allium tea causing blindness. But good or bad side affects, they will always provide sustenance to your character.

You can also carry multiple cups of tea in the thermos so you won’t need to worry about running out too quickly.

                        More info and crafting recipes! 

                                             Mod Showcase!

                          This Mod Created By : 2beCristi
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    very useful!


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    Finally some 1.8 mods. I don't fancy parting with my hand-made resource pack. (apparently incompatible with 1.8.1 onward, what'd they do remake every asset?)

    I'm growing less and less trusting of PlanetMinecraft due their insistence on putting ad.fly links on every other object as well as their questionable cookie policy, so its nice to finally find some one the one site I do trust.
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