Witches' Carnival

A Mod for Left 4 Dead 2

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Probably the last update. Woohoo!
  • SOUNDSCAPES! Certain areas now have background music!
  • Throwing a Molotov/Pipe Bomb will now play a Witch song if the survivor says something
  • Healing someone (including yourself) will play a Witch song if the survivor says something
  • The roller coaster alarm now plays a song instead
  • Finishing a level will play one of two songs
  • Custom music for clowns
  • Quiet Weapons/Common Infected have been uploaded separately
More Minor Stuff
  • Improved bumper cars wallpaper
  • Changed bumper car sticker from PEANUT RACER to MITHRA RACER
  • Remembered to put the adrenaline event in the rest of the map scripts, instead of just the first one (it won't play in the finale, though, to avoid having 2 different songs blaring in your ears)
  • Updated description of the Quiet Weapons addon
Adds Stella Glow-themed signs, props, and music to Dark Carnival. Of course, whether or not the sounds work on an official server seems to be dependent on no apparent factor (the Tank music is especially fickle).

Don't let that stop you from shooting a fireworks crate, though. ;)

Important notes!


--Witch favoritism was strictly avoided*

--Although this mod includes the Dorothy Chainsaw mod, you can have both installed at the same time with no issues. (I didn't have issues, anyway.)

--The gunfire and constant screaming from the common infected made it more difficult to hear the concert music than I was okay with. I couldn't really make the songs any louder without them sounding worse, so I've also made Quiet Weapons and Quiet Common Infected as separate addons that you can download and turn on and off at any time. (The chainsaw is unaffected, of course)

--The game doesn't seem to handle one of the concert songs very well. It always caused an issue where you would have no/limited sound and choppy gameplay.  Nothing game breaking, but definitely not enjoyable. Stubborn as I am, steps were taken to keep the song and avoid the audio issues. One of these steps was muting the Tank completely, as literally everything he did caused problems if that song was playing. The only effective way to do this was to use scripting, which only works on local servers and maybe some 3rd party ones. All this together means there's a chance you could have some annoying problems during the final song, so, be aware.

*but Hilda is still the best



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