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A Mod for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse


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  • Addition - Added approximate ping values while on scoreboard. *
  • Improvement - You can now specify bot actions by placing a file at RWBY_GE\rwby-ge_Data\BotActions.txt with this format: https://pastebin.com/9qq79rjS That is weighted probabilities of next action to take.
  • Addition - Added /markGrimm.
  • Addition - Added warm up game option, in main menu (ctrl+W), or in-game with: ctrl+f2.
  • Addition - Added sound settings: sample rate, speaker mode, dsp buffer size.
  • Addition - Added graphics settings: max queued frames, shadowcascade2split/4split, shadow near plane offset, shadow resolution, vSync count, shadow custom resolution, terrain base map distance, collect detail patches, detail object density, detail object distance, draw height map, draw trees and foliage, tree distance.
  • BugFix - Fixed sound pack loading bug, getting stuck at certain sound effects. !
  • BugFix - Fixed bug with removing bots causing lag.
  • BugFix - Fixed 'load settings' button bug.
  • BugFix - Fixed crash with acid grimm mod activated.
  • BugFix - Fixed achievement bug when getting max rank with mods.
  • BugFix - Fixed bug at ch9 and 10, when playing grimm god.
  • BugFix - Fixed certain commands not working.
  • Optimization - Split screen will check fps for 5 seconds and do some graphics changes if needed.
  • Btw, if you lower the audio sample rate setting to like 8000 you can get the game to sound like an old console game. (I also recommend setting 'dsp buffer size' to a quarter of the initial value)
  • *: The ping values are not entirely based on network speed, therefore they become rough approximations of the real ping. The values are not real time, to update hide&show the scoreboard.
  • (Thanks to: Aeonlamb, The Red Comet | Testsubject276, Fenrir, for suggestions and bug reports)
  • Details here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/418340/discussions/6/217691032444392484/?tscn=1541025933#c1733217528125612016
Updated to v1.8.7 2mo
  • Addition - Added Accessories! find it at: Main menu -> Profile -> Accessories.
  • Improvement - Some textures can now be animated (* instructions below).
  • Overhaul - Changed TexturePack loading completely, it will lag a little more when loading, but faster loading, there is no leaked memory (load your 1GB pack without issue!), colors unaffected. Basically the best.
  • Addition - Texture packs and Sound packs will now be automatically provided with a settings.txt file when loaded, explaining the load settings to the loader. this file can be edited.
  • Addition - Added ForceReplace as texture pack setting, with that enabled it should replace all textures in the entire game (but lags a bit more). (hopefully there is not a single missed texture now).
  • Tweak - Texture pack loader only loads files ending with .png or .jpg.
  • Addition - texture pack loader will also tell when it is loading (a message in the center of the screen).
  • BugFix - Fixed texture and sound pack loading bug, causing all loading to stop if a texture was unable to load.
  • Improvement - Texture pack loader should now warn if no textures found.
  • Addition - Ability to add Languages (* instructions below).
  • Addition - Survival can now be played with turrets (/survival turret).
  • Improvement - Survival now saves if the host is switched.
  • Addition - In advanced settings there is now a UltraWide mode preset, so you easily can play in ultra wide mode.
  • Addition - You can hide HUD in public games (pause menu button).
  • Addition - Added camera switch modes (focus on character, or grimm).
  • Addition - Added "/friendly" - grimm attacks other grimm instead of you.
  • Addition - Added /trackSpeed command.
  • Addition - Added /NoAura command.
  • Addition - Added /ShowCheckpoints.
  • Addition - Added /CameraAutoAdjust [seconds] (I don't have a gamepad with me right now so I can't test it).
  • Addition - Added /help [command] and /? [command].
  • Addition - Added /savecommand & /loadcommands so you can save a list of commands and execute them easily.
  • Addition - Added a bunch of terrain graphics options.
  • Addition - added /gfx noAnimation.
  • Addition - Added key commands: ctrl+[f-key].
  • (f1: unloadUnused | f6: don't render character | f8: hide hud | f9: show hp numbers)
  • Addition - Using Ctrl+Up while chating will paste the last command in the input chat.
  • Improvement - Local files can be accessed through ctrl+F in main menu.
  • Tweak - Grimm Settings activates automatically if you edit the settings and there is a reset button.
  • Improvement - The data file ModGraphicsSettings.txt is now readable to humans and can be edited.
  • Tweak - /gfx fpsfix2 can now be spelt /gfx fpsfix 2 (cuz someone entered it wrong before).
  • Addition - Add "-combine" when binding a command to key to combine the already bound command.
  • Adjustment - Removed entities count label (only pops up if there are a large amount of grimm).
  • Improvement - Sound packs now load a little bit faster.
  • Optimization - Optimized custom map loader.
  • BugFix - Survival should now show all grimms correctly.
  • BugFix - Fixed survival bug with mini deathstalker waves only (not 100% confirmed).
  • BugFix - Survival mountain glenn door bug should be fixed.
  • BugFix - Fixed custom map names not displaying correctly.
  • BugFix - Fixed mission loader not looking in the right place sometimes.
  • BugFix - Fixed xp bug with bots.
  • BugFix - Fixed model packs bug for jnpr.
  • BugFix - Fixed damage and collision bug in MI2 with model packs.
  • BugFix - Fixed bug with models pack loading slower in multiplayer.
  • BugFix - Fixed "/flip" lightning bug, now you can play with Flip mode and the game graphics should look about the same.
  • BugFix - Fixed /switchcharacter bug with xp.
  • BugFix - Fixed /spectate bug.
  • BugFix - Fixed cinematiccamera in orthographic mode zooming too quickly.
  • BugFix - Fixed bug in time attack mode.
  • BugFix - Fixed /gfx flip light bug
  • BugFix - Fixed /gfx flip light bug.
  • BugFix - Spelling.
  • Addition *Language: English translation file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BaXE866sKR4O0NG14TtN6RUszPFcGQea You can edit that file and then put it in LanguagePacks folder. (I made an example language file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IqcX0wrGx4g1Zp320PETdedjCu9Br_oZ )
  • Addition *Animated texture packs: Example, animated ruby: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18XY1lgigBPU0a6M2Eb2s7GXKwKmOUELf The file animations.txt will be read, and the format for setting up animations in it is: { [what texture to be animated name], [next frame texture name], [next frame], ... } [animation speed (ie. seconds per frame)]
  • (the modding guide will go into more detail)
  • --End-- I might have missed a couple of stuff, but oh well. This update is too big, so I bet there will be more bug fix updates following this... If you encounter any issues or find any bugs or have any suggestions, please contact me :)
  • Details here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/418340/discussions/6/217691032444392484/?tscn=1540610354#c1733216893882620966
Updated to v1.8.6 2mo
This is a executable program designed by Steam user gvk to add an interface to RWBY: GE to accept and process mods.

I have NOTHING to do with this file besides redistributing and updating the GB download as the original creator updates it.


Step 1. Download whichever file works best for your platform and Run the EXE. You may skip this step if you already have the EXE for your platform. Though if you are experiencing difficulties, I recommend redownloading.

Step 2. Select version to install. (Latest is recommended)

Step 3. Click Install mod.

Step 4. Run RWBY Grimm Eclipse.

Please report any problems here directed towards gvk, for I cannot fix them for you.


GameBanana compability
If you want to install the feature talked about in this blog: http://gamebanana.com/blogs/18376 (install mods by simply clicking a button)
Then you will have to press the button "Setup 'Install mods by link'" in the latest installer.


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