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A Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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  • Change player's skin / cloth / haircuts in game.
  • Change player's skin to former one after load game.
  • Regist 256 additional skins.
  • Spawn actors.


The archive includes 3 scripts.
Use only one of them.
  • skin_o.cs - Use original save function. Save datas in "CLEO\skin_o.sav". (recommended)
  • skin_c.cs - Use CLEO standard save function. Save datas in "CLEO\cleo_saves\".
  • skin_n.cs - Don't save. The game always starts with CJ.


CLEO 3 Library is required.
  • Copy "skin.cs" to "GTA San Andreas\CLEO\".
  • Copy "skin.img" to "GTA San Andreas\CLEO\".
  • Copy "gta.dat" to "GTA San Andreas\data\" or add a line "IMG CLEO\SKIN.IMG" to "GTA San Andreas\data\gta.dat".

Add additional skins to "skin.img".


SecondaryFire(TaborL1) + Next Weapon(EorEnterorMWDorR2) or SecondaryFire(TaborL1) + Previous Weapon(QorNum.orMWUorL2) - Switch additional skins and CJ.
SecondaryFire(TaborL1) + Next Weapon(EorEnterorMWDorR2) + Previous Weapon(QorNum.orMWUorL2) - Show the menu.

In the menu, Fire(RCtrlorLAltorLMBorO) - Show a list of normal skins, Jump(LShiftorRCtrlor[]) - Show a list of special skins, Sprint(SpaceorX) - Show a list of additional skins.
Opening the list, Sprint(SpaceorX) - Change CJ's skin to selected one.
Fire(RCtrlorLAltorLMBorO) - Spawn an extreme actor, Jump(LShiftorRCtrlor[]) Spawn a moderate actor. Spawned actors are able to be recruited. They doesn't die except by CJ's punches.

In the menu, Crouch(CorL3) - Change CJ's apparels and a haircut.
In the menu, LookBehind(Num1orMMBorR3) - Change CJ's body shape.
Enter + Exit(ForReturn) - Close the menu.

Known Issues

  • The game crashes when spawn too many (80+?) actors.
  • Player will be glitchy after change clothes (burglar mission, etc.) while change CJ's skin.
  • If the game crashes after loading, delete files in "GTA San Andreas\cleo\skin_o.sav" or "GTA San Andreas\cleo\cleo_saves\".



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