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  • Fixed issue with game crashing if your teammates online throw molotov grenades. Molotov were already replaced by frags, molotov are linked with fire effects. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
v1.2 3y 2
  • Shadows should be completely off, changing shadow settings via the menu will do nothing. You should still keep shadows on very low though. All ambient effects should be off now.
V 1.1 3y
Disables various effects to improve performance for those on low end machines. Make sure you put shadows on very low or an ugly shadow will cover you! You should be able to change any other settings to your liking, textures, animation quality, etc... not sure about dof.

BLT is required to run this mod.

This mod disables: AO, shadows, clouds are pushed back to be rendered off screen mostly, AA, weather effects, most fire, HDR/Bloom, bullet and blood decals, chromatic aberration, Flashbangs and smoke grenades... more to come?  Well, that's really up to the community. Enjoy, I hope it helps some people play that weren't able to play before because of performance issues. Also, this was all done with code, so it won't break ever unless Overkill drastically changes their core game code.

Here is a short video showcasing the mod. All settings are at their absolute lowest, so those who have the worst PCs can see what that looks like.  Youtube showcase video

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Chain Smoker
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Chain Smoker
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