Default weapon re origin pack for FF. (V2)

A Mod for Fortress Forever

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The default weapon origins for the models in Fortress Fortress left a lot to be desired in my opinion. The game is amazing in the ability to capture fast paced FPS action as all of its prequels before it, but unlike its predecessors, such as QWTF (Quake World Team Fortress), the weapon models lacked the "feel" of the classics.

I decided to change that. 

All models have been shifted slightly over on the "Y" axis and some even rotated on the "Z" to allow them to be more accurate to the position of your character ingame. This means that the models are actually more accurate than the default counterparts due to giving you a better idea of where the projectiles will be leaving the "barrel" of the model.

[Installation instructions:]

1.) Navigate to your steam directory under which you've installed Fortress Forever to. (The directory should look something similiar to this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fortress Forever\FortressForever"

2.) Once you've located this directory, go ahead and locate the "models" folder within. "..\common\Fortress Forever\FortressForever\models\weapons"

3.) Now that you're in the "...\models\weapons" folder from the previous step, all that's left to do is drag and drop the custom files downloaded inside this .ZIP and allow them to overwrite any existing files.

4.) Profit! You're done, it's time to play the game. :)

Thank you for downloading, all models and existing content provided by Fortress Forever and I take NO CREDIT FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT SHIFTING THE ORIGIN OF THE WEAPONS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, COPYRIGHT, ETC, ETC.


FORTRESS FOREVER DEV TEAM (models, game, sounds, etc.)

renviR- (reorigin)

[Special Thanks:]

Fortress Forever Community

Doublah (u sexy beast.)


(anyone else who contributed to the support of this pack.)

all credit is due rightfully where deserved, please do not distribute without permission. This file is hosted on GAMEBANANA.COM


11/25/15 - Release date.

11/25/15 - 1.) Tweaked the Railgun position slightly to improve consistency with projectiles.

2.) Tweaked the Sniperrifle position to take up less screen space and improve consistency with laser marker.

3.) Tweaked the Nailgun position slightly to improve consistency with projectiles.


The only issue with this pack is that the Assault Cannon for the HWGuy for some reason no longer shows the spin aninmation while firing but is still functional, why it does this I do not know, but if anyone would like to help fix the issue please send me a message so I can address this issue.



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