Camping Mobile Save House 2.0a and Trailer Attach

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Use Journey, Tropic, or Camping Trailer as a savehouse. Attach a trailer as a garage.

Video: - Journey, Tropic, and a Camping Trailer can be used as mobile save houses. (see: cleo\MobileSaveHouse.ini) - Attach vehicle onto a trailer. (see: cleo\TrailerAttach.ini) - Attach trailer to a vehicle (other techniques (e.g. by Junior_Djjr) can be used alternatively if you like) (see: cleo\TrailerAttach.ini) - Combination of the two mods Camping Mobile Save House and Trailer Attach results in a mobile garage (not a real garage, only coordinates and colors of vehicles are saved). (see: cleo/TrailerAttach.ini and cleo\MobileSaveHouse.ini) - You can extend the mod with your own plugins. An example plugin is provided. (see: plugin_example\MobileSaveHousePluginTemplate.txt) - Additional scripts: side-door of the journey and the camping trailer opens automatically (see: cleo\VDoorOpener.ini) - Trailers are spawned at certain locations in San Andreas (SpawnTrailers1.cs) - When it becomes dark, then light will be automatically turned on inside the mobile homes (journey, tropic, camping trailer). - New vehicle models: enterable Journey and Tropic created from the original models (these are not models you find on the internet); - Modified Merit Camping model (original model from Automan, he gave permission to include his model); - A new trailer (replacing bagboxa.dff) for transporting vehicles that also work as a "garage". - Once a save disc has been activated on a vehicle, you can travel around San Andreas and when you come to the place where you left the vehicle, it will be respawned automatically. (see options in cleo\MobileSaveHouse.ini) - Only CLEO scripts without memory manipulation, hence it should run with any version (even Android). - Remark: Version 2a has some fixes for CLEO 4.3 which were not needed for CLEO 4.1



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camping trailer (utiltr1)


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Feel free to copy and distribute this mod but you must include this description. Do not steel this mod (i.e. do not change author)! The camping trailer (utiltr1) is from Automan.

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