No Mercy

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You are being tortured by wealthy people that pay to torture others. Escape, find who's responsible, and show them No Mercy.

**Map Contest Entry** **STORY**: **First Map** "These sick f$%^s. I have no idea where they took me but there are instruments of torture everywhere. They got me locked up like some kind of animal waiting to be slaughtered. What's worse is I'm infected. I swear to God if I get out of here alive I'll **show them no mercy." Second Map** "I finally escaped. Now I need to make a weapon of revenge to kill these sickos. I don't know what kind of outfit they are running but I am going to put an end to it... right now." FIXED: -Added ceiling in the shower area of the locker rooms in the first map. (Thanks Rabid Squirrel) **FEATURES:** -Antizen infection attacks. -Escape the torture chamber under the duress of darkness with only your UV light. -Challenging enemies. -Weapons room loaded with gold weapons. (Legendary weapons and dlc weapons are included for those that have that) -Huge assortment of blueprints/crafting items. -Night/Day scenarios -Large mansion with boss fight and escape. I hope you all enjoyed the maps that I have created for this game. It was a blast making them for you. ** -RICK GRIMES**



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