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The Hunter

A Mod for Dying Light

The Hunter, Alpha Build v0.1.2 by Rabid Squirrel

ALPHA BUILD: v0.1.2 AUTHOR: Rabid Squirrel TYPE: Search and Recover


Have you ever wanted to run around a Forest with a Bow and Arrow shooting Zombies in the Face? “Oh… that’s sadistic and sick” – Said no gamer ever! Yeah! You guys know you want to! A small group of Survivors is faced with infection and almost certain death unless they find some Antizin, and quick! There is a Forest on the edge of Harran where the occasional drop lands, rumour has it that those drops are untouched because no-one ever comes back from the forest alive. You volunteered to retrieve the Antizin for the group. You need 3 lots of it. Good Night, Good Luck…


This Mission Features a Compound Bow! This Bow can only be used by People who own the Bozak DLC! This Mission is still playable without the DLC but it lacks a certain oomph!


- About 10 Minutes of Gameplay - A Compound Bow - Working Quest Tree - Zombies and Special infected to take on. - Day\Night is Optional. (Default is Day time). To change the time just sleep in the safe house you spawn in. - Night time is considerably harder because there are Volatiles. - Loot Locations - Vehicles (Lock picks may be required), and Drops. - Weather: Stormy. - Skill Level is already developed partially. (Full Agility).

Planned Features:

- Underground Cave System - More Antizin Drops - A Lush realistic looking Environment (Currently a Work in Progress.) - Unlockable Safe Houses


Please post all spoiler related bug comments in the “Known Issues/Bug Reports” discussion, the rest can be placed under the “Mission Suggestions” discussion. Thanks.


Hey Guys, So I have made a tutorial on a couple of things as per some peoples request: Dying Light Dev Tools Tutorial - Grouping, Fog, FX and More If you want more just leave a comment anywhere I would be able to see it (here, on the forums, on the youtube video), and I would be glad to do it.

Steam Download

If you prefer a steam download: The Hunter Steam Workshop




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Main Author
Rabid Squirrel
Rabid Squirrel Joined 3y ago
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Main Author


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Rabid Squirrel Joined 3y ago
238 points Ranked 16371st

Rabid Squirrel
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Development Info

Hey All,

I really enjoyed making this map! This was my first real test into the aspects of Terrain editing and Brush usage. I figured that seeing as there is now the ability to modify terrain people would eventually want Forested and Hilly maps, so I decided to get into the game early. Furthermore what better way to do it than as a Hunter who Hunts Zombies with a Compound Bow! When you have such an Awesome Weapon to work with (Thank you Dying Light Dev Team!) there is just so much fun to be had! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy playing this and as always I am completely open to constructive criticism and ideas.

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Hey Guys, I'm not going to be extremely strict with regards to a license. Feel free to share and modify the map that I have created as long as you mention my name (Rabid Squirrel) as credit to the original map and where it came from.




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