Fun Mod 3.5

A Mod for Dying Light

This changes components of gameplay but may also be viewed as a cheating mod. <--- forewarning. Features: - Stamina is almost infinite - You swim, walk and sprint a lot faster - You jump a lot higher - No fall damage - Your grappling hook goes a lot farther - Most melee weapons are very inexpensive - Most melee weapons have a huge durability - All blueprints can be made with metal scraps - More inventory space - Your tackle, slide kick and jump kick are much more powerful **Updated with 2.0**: - Your standing kick now does more damage and has more force - Firearms now have unlimited ammo and do not require reload - You now walk and strafe more quickly **Updated with 3.0**: - Now supports latest patch - Lowers pricing for new weapons - You can still jump high, just not as high - Blueprints now require normal items to craft **Updated with 3.5**: - Unlocked all outfits from the beginning of the game (works especially well if you only have the standard edition without the season pass) - Added alternate version of mod with default jump height Bugs: *Because weapons and items are inexpensive you also have to sell them for a lot less
*When you land from a large height onto a vehicle, the player does a landing brace animation. It's annoying
*Sometimes the grappling hook will make you go into a stiff animation if you throw it too far
*Even though fall damage is disabled, landing on zombies or breakable roofs will cause some damage ***Not sure if this mod works with other mods. Probably not. Future updates: - Disable landing animation when you jump onto vehicles - Mod inter-compatibility - Allow melee with your fists to do much more damage
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