Ultimate RailGun v1.0 for Doom 3

A Mod for Doom 3

New weapon but is not really a Railgun, is better !!!

Ultimate RailGun v1.0 by Dafama2k7 (22-08-2k14) Description...: This mod is based on the Railgun weapon featured on the Ultimate mod, but in fact is not a Railgun now, is more like a NailGun but with some effects added. This is a very powerful weapon, will kill the enemies so fast and gib them into pieces with some beautiful effects. Also, this is a mod that can be used as an ADD-ON for other mods, can be installed on base, d3xp folders or any mod folder, because is made for not to interfer with other mods, it just is added a new weapon called weapon_railgun and you get it when you get a backpack item. Update History...: v1.0...: -First full mod made it to the public. Based on Ultimate mod Railgun weapon, i have changed and added many new features on it. -It has a noammo function so when there is no ammo it is played click, click, click... -New FX for the flying and damage of this weapon. -Script optimized for faster operation. -When you get an item backpack, you get also the new Railgun weapon. -Very fast firing and very powerful weapon, it kills and burns enemies with easy ! -Fixed some bugs on the old Ultimate mod Railgun script it is based. -The Railgun weapon does not replace any of the standard D3 weapons, is just added into the weapon_13 slot. -Does not use player.def so it does not broke any other mod player.def. -Uses standard plasma ammo as its ammo and have a 25 bullets clip size, enough for kill the most powerful enemies from Hell. -Bright new weapon skin. Installation...: Copy the whole folder "ultimate_railgun" into your Doom 3 root directory and run it as a mod on its own. Or just copy the file "zzz_ultimate_classic_railgun.pk4" to base, d3xp or any other mod folder and then it will work as an ADD-ON for the mod folder you copied into. I have made the files in a way that they try to not broke the other mods, so just this new weapon is added, but it may not work or work bad on mods that also add new weapons. Enjoy. Thanks to BloodRayne for the Ultimate mod and all the mods he creates.
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Development Info

The weapon model is not made by me, i just made the script and the .def files and changed some materials and fx, particles and sounds.


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