Enemy Territory 2.60 patch

A Mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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New features: ============= Minor optimizations in server and client engine for lower cpu usage. Client can record game audio to a wav file. wav_record starts recording wav_stoprecord stops recording cl_wavefilerecord 1 will start recording from the moment a demo is loaded. "Unable to load an official pak file" now reports the pak filenames in the console. Win32 and Linux sound cvars are now unified: s_khz, s_bits, s_numchannels s_khz is now a CVAR_LATCH. Players can override unsafe cvars (e.g., from a crash) with com_ignorecrash 1 Server can give alternate messages to "server is full" by changing the cvar sv_fullmsg Server can redirect clients to other servers when full (e.g. sv_fullmsg "ET://host.to.redirect.to:port") Server will switch to GT_WOLF if "map" can't start a campaign. /demo can now specify .dm_83 extension explicitly, and will try dm_83 and dm_84 if extension isn’t specified. Abbreviated snapshots are now sent when clients aren't fully connected. Saves bandwidth on map rotations. Client may move the demo recording statusline with cg_recording_statusline. 0 hides it completely. /buyNow, /singlePlayLink commands removed. 'MODS' menu added. Anisotropic texture filtering is now supported in renderer. Enable with r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 1 and use r_textureAnisotropy to set the filtering level. cg_draw2D is no longer cheat protected. Wounded freelook is now enabled (a la RTCW). It is also completely moved clientside so there is no lag. Vote string is now printed to console when vote is called. win32 specific: Client can clear the dedicated console with /clearviewlog s_khz 44 now works. Linux specific: Client can disable built-in mouse acceleration with in_dgamouse 2 r_swapInterval is now supported Changed Linux key handling so ctrl/shift/alt/etc don't make a difference for -any- keys, to match Windows® better. Bug Fixes: ========= Class Specific: Fixed wounded CovOps stealing uniforms if they were close enough. Fixed incorrect Level 4 CovOps knife damage on wounded players. Fixed disguised CovOps having laggy health to enemy team. Fixed Level 3 engineering using incorrect charge for landmines. Fixed Field Ops incorrectly using medic charge time for ammo packs.



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