MechWarrior: Living Legends Mod Patch v1.01

A Mod for Crysis

First Official patch update for Crysis: MechWarrior Living Legends making the mod much more stable and reducing crashes with certain PC configurations. The patch also adds tweaks to balance gameplay and a few new features. Currently, Crysis MechWarrior mod client on FilePlanet does not require this patch. Anyone who download the full client before January 20th should get this patch. ------------- Balance - Damage drop off added to Heavy Gauss after 300m. - Increased damage of all Gauss (except Heavy Gauss). - Increased Gauss and Clan Gauss ammo per ton from 8 to 12. - Increased LRM ammo per ton from 120 to 240. - Decreased SRM ammo per ton from 240 to 120. Increased radius of splash damage. - Decreased NARC ammo per ton from 6 to 4. - NARCs no longer emit a signal if they attach to the ground. - Decreased Medium and Large Pulse Lasers damage. - Increased damage of all Beam Lasers. Lowered heat of ERLBL. - Decreased Clan ERPPC heat and increased PPC heat. Increased heat transferred to targets for all PPCs. - Decreased heat transferred to targets by Flamers. - Increased RAC2 and RAC5 Damage. - Increased accuracy of AC2 and AC5. Increased damage to light armor (Battle Armor, hovercraft, VTOL, aerospace). Decreased damage to heavy armor. - Decreased turn rate of Arrow IV. - Decreased Battle Armor health regen when moving (from 40 seconds for full health to 60 seconds). - Decreased Battle Armor health from 150 health to 125 health. - Inferno charges now add heat to vehicles they detonate on. - A mech's back torso can now be repaired once destroyed. - Improved Harasser drivability. - Changed Harasser C weapon loadout. - Slightly decreased Partisan armor. - Decreased Huitzilopochtli heat efficiency and increased price. - Increased price of Sulla B. - Increased price of Shiva C. - Increased MASC speed boost amount. - Increased mech turn rate. - Increased Owens and Uller top speed. - Increased price of Hollander II. Changed weapon loadouts of Hollander II B and C. - Changed weapon loadout of the Vulture B. - Changed weapon loadouts and improved heat efficiency of MadCat A, B, and C. - Changed weapon loadouts of Mauler A and C. Improved heat efficiency of Mauler A, B, and C. - Changed weapon loadout of MadCat MKII B. - Changed weapon loadouts of Atlas A, B, and C - Increased point requirements for every rank. - Increased CBill rewards for damage. - Increased rewards for killing Battle Armor.
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