Skyrim HD 2k Textures Mod v1.4

A Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This modification is a work in progress which plans to redo all the low resolution textures of Skyrim into a higher, more detailed resolution. This mod starts its project at Whiterun and the surrounding areas and plans to expand from there. The texture resolutions are 4-8x bigger then the originals, an awesome video card is recommended. ============= =Description= ============= Skyrim HD is a project for texture enhancement in Skyrim. (WIP) The achived texture resolution is 4-8x (2-8k) bigger than the original ones. All the textures are made from scratch. ============== =What you get= ============== v1.2 - ALL the Landscape textures have been completely remade -> also included: 2K Roads, 4K Mountains, 2K Cliffs and some 8K Tree textures - 4K Water texture - 2K Rain Ripples - 4K Stars - 4K Galaxy - 2K Sunglare - 2K Foam texture - 2K Whiterun textures - 2K Windhelm textures - 2K Dungeon ground - 2K Selling Bar (Global) Fixed since 1.1: - Whiterun rugs - Wood specularity - Added Mip-Maps to all textures - Several color adjustments - new Mountains > I recreated the structures of the vanilla and made an completely new 4K texture > better tiling ===================== =System Requirements= ===================== Keep in mind: This is a huge texture replacement (~1GB when extracted) and the textures are much bigger then the original ones, so your loading times will increase. RAM: When using my mod your game will probably use 1.8GB of RAM in worst case (+/- 200 MB), so I recommend to look out for your available RAM before you start skyrim: - Close everything you don't need (Internet Browser etc...) - Start your Task-Manager (STRG+ALT+DEL) and look how much available RAM you have For the optimum gaming experience I recommend 2GB free RAM. You can also play with less RAM available, just try out if everything works fine. VRAM (Memory of your Graphics Card): I recommend 1GB or more for the optimal performance. As said, you can try with less, but keep in mind that you may get performance drops. For the CPU requirements I have to collect feedback from you, the users. This is my setup, where everything works perfectly fluid: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K GPU: nVidia GTX 570 (1.25 GB) RAM: 8GB HDD: OCZ RevoDrive I also play in 1080p resolution and tweaked everything in Skyrim to maximum. Maybe I will provide the optimum settings for Skyrim HD as an optional file, if many people want it. REMEMBER: Everything mentioned above is JUST for my Mod. If you installed many other Mods, this could be different.
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