Hand-tuned NAV for map DE_MOONDOWN

A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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Bot's Navigation Mesh for the map DE_MOONDOWN

Counter-Strike: Source : Bot's Navigation Mesh for the map DE_MOONDOWN Nav Creator: Meurglis3, Release Date: November 30 2013 Here is the Navigation Mesh for nice urban-themed map [de_moondown](http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/170318) by Redbodega (released November 2012). It's a totally remaded and fully hand-tuned .nav-file. In original author's map release .nav-file was included, but there were many defects and mistakes in structure of Navigation Mesh (one of the terrorists constantly got stuck in the truck, some inclined descents were constructed incorrectly... and there are a lot of other wrong things). Some paths were created from scratch completely and others being available was reconnected/reintegrated. Finally bots use ALL possible ways and more sucessfully operate in ALL locations now. Well... Play and Test! Also I am always glad to your messages with remarks and comments. NOTE: For possibility of comparison and in-game testing the original navigation file by map creators included in original .bsp and available to loading with the [same map](http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/170318). Credits and Gratitudes: Redbodega (for detailed and expressional urban-themed map). Additional Gratitudes: BarnDoor (for perfect playable navigation meshes for many fine CS:S maps), Chizbone (for informative and clever article BOT_BRAINED and a set of excellent navigation meshes), CoCoNUT (for fine hand-tuned navigation meshes for many fine CS:S maps), Valve Developer Community (for learning articles by Navigation Meshes and Navigation Mesh Commands). Happy Frags & Good Luck!



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    Good navigation mesh for a nicely detailed, but still fundamentally flawed map. The bots use the parking garage routes a lot more with this nav mesh, which definitely improves bot play. But the fatal flaw of the map, the custom, textured glass at the front entrance that is transparent to bots, can still make bot play a little flat at times. Still, 10/10 on the navigation mesh; it definitely improves upon the mesh created by the original mapper.


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