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For IV/EFLC, IV, EFLC. Doesn't work with enb or Icehancer, the games must be no visual or texture moded. CREDITS for DumF0rGaming about the installer(APaG Installer.oiv), Screens and testing. CREDITS for about the Sweet effects 1.4 THIS MOD IS NOT ENB OR ICEHANCER!!! VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE MAKE YOUR INGAME DISPLAY SETTINGS LIKE IN THE PIC AND SCREEN LIKE IN MonitorSettings.txt FROM DisplaySetingsForAll FOLDER, OTHERWISE YOU'LL GET UGLY COLOURS AND LIGHTS!!! - Whole new visual style. - Improve colours and brightness/dark in all hours and weathers. - Realistic fog. - Improved night lights (realistic colours and brithness). - Bloom effect is placed only on suitable places , colors, lights. - Light coronas are visible only nighttime and all hours when is foggy, rain, drizzle and lighting. - There is no ambient shadows from 7pm to 7am, also all hours when is foggy, rain, drizzle and lighting. - Lightweight rendering of the trees and the bushes, reduce popping of the trees. - The stars are visible on medium textures. - AA (antialiasing) and colors sharpness by Sweet Effect. - Dynamic lights. - During night each area has his own light's intensity. - Motion blur: completely remove static blur, remain only motion blur. - Improved Ocean water. - Improved sky sources: sun, horizont, clouds ... etc. - Many others. v3.0: - The mod is parted of two parts: With installer: automatic install everything, also read the READ ME FILES. Manual install: this is the standart part, you need to replace the files. - Maximum reality, 100% summer/autumn weathers; Realistyc fog; Horizont, view of the horizont; sky colours, sky sources... etc.




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