James Bond: Nightfire v1.1 Patch

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The final patch that fixes many bugs/glitches/issues in James Bond: Nightfire.

February 10, 2003 - 9:00pm

James Bond 007: NightFire Patch v1.1

Patch v1.1 Fixes:

*Fixed AI bug where view height would be sometimes be at crouch level when animation was standing.

*Game would crash if Q-Specs were on between mission transitions, and some level transitions.

*Starting a multiplayer game after quitting a single player game with the Q-Specs on would carry over some of the vision mode.

*Created bond_ded.exe, which is a dedicated server only .exe with no CD check

*The 18th server in a list of internet game servers couldn't be seen or scrolled to.

*Ammo count limited in US build (was fixed already for European builds).

*Exiting rocket mode before the rocket detonated would alter players view if they had been wearing the Q-Specs before firing the rocket.

*Made it easier to take photos of the girls in Austria party room.

*Fixed the jumping animation for players in multiplayer games.

*Removed "say" and "say_team" commands from single player game.

*Took explosion physics off subdued enemies at rest.



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