Doom's Cinematic Shaders for DOW2

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ENB Series & SweetFX for DOW 2, Chaos Rising, and Retribution

ADDS/TWEAKS: ================== - Bloom - Color saturation - Brightness/contrast - Better shadows - Texture sharpness - Vignette INSTALLATION ================== Extract the contents of the mod into your main game folder (where "DOW2.exe" is found) and you're ready to go! Install Verification ================== Once ingame, hit the following keys to turn off/on the 2 graphic mods: - SCR LK - turns SweetFX off. you should notice the vignette around the screen disappear. - SHIFT + F12 - turns ENB Series off. You should notice the bloom around bright objects disappear. If both of these worked, then the installation was a success and you may turn them back on with the same keys! Etc ================== You're going to want to adjust your game's brightness setting!! (probably lowering it quite a bit) You can also tweak individual settings by editing the files: - enbseries.ini - SweetFX_settings.txt IF YOUR GAME STARTS WITH AN ALL BLACK SCREEN, Alt+Tab OUT AND IT SHOULD BE FIXED ==================



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    I tried to use it.I extracted the contents and copied directly to my DOW 2 folder. I start the game and a black screen appears. I alt+tab out and come back in but still doesn't fix it and immediately it crashes and asks me to "send error report" or "don't send". PLEASE HELP i've done this multiple times but the result is still the same. I even tried disabling the effects by pressing the keys but it didn't have any effect.
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    > **Posted by The Battlestar Prime**

    > Yay, blur!

    Unfortunately, motion blur & DoF won't work with the game engine.
    However, the shader suites do add FXAA, vignette, color/contrast boosts, texture sharpening, and the bloom that gives the air a thicker, more "alien-planet" feel.

    ...or were you being sardonic....?
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    All is Doom!
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    Yay, blur!


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SFX settings & editing
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Boris Vorontsov
ENB Series


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