Geodude Monsters

A Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004

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Add pokemans to invasion!

Geodude Monster Beta 2 (GeodudeMonster_B2) By Jefe (jefejefejefe on xfire) 2011/09/02 My son told me that he though the flying monsters in invasion (the gasbags) were geodudes. I told him that was a great idea. These monsters hover just over the ground and throw rocks. They have animated textures and are cell-shaded. The rocks are very similar to (and are based on) titan rocks, so they produce a lot of knockback, although (in general) they do less damage. They're skinned to match the geodude that throws the rocks, and all of them have matching gibs, which you can see if you have the 'Full Gore' option enabled. Beta 2 increases projectile speed and range on all the monsters and somewhat increases their accuracy. I also added in sounds, based on samples from Pokemon Puzzle League and the original Gameboy game. There is a bit more variety to the gibs, and now they can jump. Also changed their physics from hovering to 'walking' so they no longer rotate their bodies at odd angles. If you use Druid's RPG, their kills are now properly tracked when used as pets. GeodudeMonster_B2.Dude - "Geodude" The basic gray geodude. Small, throws rocks, not terribly strong, but has relatively high hp. Worth 5 points. GeodudeMonster_B2.ShinyDude - "Shiny Geodude." This one is a yellowish color, based on the alternate color in recent pokemon games. A little faster, and does a little more damage and has a little more hp. Worth 6 points. GeodudeMonster_B2.ToughDude - "Tough Geodude." Same look as the basic geodude, but is a lot faster and does the most damage of all four. It also has a more than twice the HP of the others. Think of it as a mini titan. Worth 9 points. GeodudeMonster_B2.GreenDude - "Forest Geodude." A weird alternate color I tried, based on the alternate color in Pokemon Gold/Silver. It has lower accuracy than the others, and slower rocks, but they do a good deal of damage. Same HP as the shiny geodude. Worth 6 points. Installation instructions: GeodudeTexturesbeta.utx to UT2004/Textures GeodudeMonster_B2.u to UT2004/System Add these lines to your Satoremonsterpack (Invasionpro and Invasion-X will need different lines, just use the same class names) MonsterTable=(MonsterName="Geodude",MonsterClassName="GeodudeMonster_B2.Dude") MonsterTable=(MonsterName="ShinyGeodude",MonsterClassName="GeodudeMonster_B2.ShinyDude") MonsterTable=(MonsterName="ToughGeodude",MonsterClassName="GeodudeMonster_B2.ToughDude") MonsterTable=(MonsterName="GreenGeodude",MonsterClassName="GeodudeMonster_B2.GreenDude") Known Issues: They have a similiar flaw as Satore's titans, in that a lot of rock projectiles can reduce system performance. Thanks to: My son Satore CT Creations (My cell shaders are based on his from ONS-TWMushroomForest) Hollon (helped with troubleshooting projectiles) Iniquitous (used some of his projectile code) Discussion: []( "Epic Games")



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