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Since I adore one hit kills on anything with my favorite weapons, but with no chance of the same happening to me, I simply made super versions of my favorite weapons and wearables.

Haku2049's Super Weapons and Wearables Since I adore one hit kills on anything with my favorite weapons, but with no chance of the same happening to me, I simply made super versions of my favorite weapons and wearables. The weapons have a health of 500000, a damage of 50000, a critical damage of 65535, they're all player-only to prevent enemy pickup and fixing them makes a new version somehow that won't fall in line with a new one. I made heavy equipment lighter in my super versions. Also, I maxed all clip sizes. I didn't change the sell price for any of my edits since why praise free stuff, anyway? You can find one footlocker with 50000 of each of the following in the Vault 101 escape scene, behind the front desk in Tenpenny Tower, and one in the Megaton Armory. I had to make two of those locations so you can grab anything without losing karma. Like in all mods the first two digits are the load hex of the item which can easily be found using "Fallout Mod Manager" If you need more, here are the G.E.C.K. item hex codes for my stuff: Bugs: For me personally, this mod can cause crashes while saving progress in the Pitt addon, and certain parts of the Capitol Wasteland! Container: Super Weapons and Wearables Footlocker (xx000ea6) Weapons: Super Alien Blaster (xx000ea7) Super BB Gun (xx000ea9) Super Flamer (xx000eaa) Super Gatling Laser (xx000ead) Super Laser Pistol (xx0043f5) Super Laser Rifle (xx0043f6) Super Minigun (xx0043f9) Super Plasma Mine (xx000eab) Super Plasma Pistol (xx0043f7) Super Plasma Rifle (xx0043f8) Super Shishkebab (xx000eac) Super Silenced 10mm Pistol (xx001bfd) Super Sniper Rifle (xx000ea8) Wearables: Super Power Armor (xx0022a3) Super Power Helmet (xx0022a4) Super Recon Armor (xx002954) Super Recon Armor Helmet (xx002955) Super Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (xx0022ab) Super Wasteland Wanderer Outfit (xx0022a8) In 1.1 I decided to go ahead and agree to make stronger, but still not 1-hit kill companion friendly versions of 5 weapons. All are set for 50 damage, 65 crit damage, and a health of 500. The weapons can be found in a locker in Jocko's Pop Stop, one it Merigold Station, and one in the Robot Repair Center. Companion Friendly Weapons: Companion Super BB Gun (xx004aa4) Companion Super Gatling Laser (xx004aa1) Companion Super Minigun (xx004aa0) Companion Super Silenced 10mm Pistol (xx004aa2) Companion Super Sniper Rifle (xx004aa7) Container: Haku2049s Companion Weapons and Wearables Locker (xx004a9f) There are also demo NPCs I've made to prove how my toys can be. The friendly Wastelander is in front of Tenpenny Tower, the Enclave solider is at Raven Rock, a Super Mutant is near Germantown, the Raider is at Evergreen Mills, the Slaver is at Little Lamplight, and the Talon Company Merc is at Fort Bannister. NPCs: Demo Enclave Soldier (xx00514f) [Companion Super Gatling Laser, Super Power Armor, Super Power Helmet] Demo Raider (xx005152) [Companion Super Minigun, Super Recon Armor, Super Recon Armor Helmet Demo Slaver (xx005153) [Companion Super Laser Rifle, Super Wasteland Wanderer Outfit] Demo Supermutant (xx005151) [Companion Super BB Gun] Demo Talon Company Merc (xx005150) [Companion Super Sniper Rifle] Demo Wastelander (xx004aa6) [Companion Super Silenced 10mm Pistol, Super Wasteland Wanderer Outfit] In 1.2 I added: Wearables: Super Advanced Radiation Suit (xx005ea9) Super Regulator Duster (xx005eaf) Super Naughty Nightwear (xx005ea7) Super Shady Hat (xx005eac) In 1.3 I set all weapons and wearables counts to 50000 and removed the duplicate wearables from the companion one. I did some action point editing and put down a system (15 for pistols and other 1-handed weapons, 20 for light rifiles, 25 for miniguns, and 30 for heavy weapons). The new Demo Regulator is guarding the Regulator HQ, the Demo Wasteland Ghoul is in the 9th Circle (in Underworld). Knifey hangs out in Oasis, and Kevin hangs out at the highly radiated entrance to Vault 87. Since I thought it was amusing, Dogmeat now has the super duster and hat in his inventory, and now attacks for 50 damage! Fawkes has the companion Gatling Laser and doctor fatigues in his inventory. NPCs: Demo Branchmender Knifey (xx0072b5) [Companion Super Knife, Super Stealth Hat, Super Wasteland Doctor Fatigues] Demo Regulator (xx006bfe) [Companion Super Scoped .44 Magnum, Super Regulator Duster, Super Stealth Hat] Demo Scientist Kevin (xx0072d5) [Companion Super Shiskebab, Super Advanced Radiation Suit] Demo Wasteland Ghoul (xx0072b2) [Companion Super Laser Pistol, Super Naughty Nightwear] Weapons: Companion Super Laser Pistol (xx006c03) Companion Super Laser Rifle (xx006c04) Companion Super Scoped .44 Magnum (xx006c01) Companion Super Shiskebab (xx006c02) Companion Super Knife (xx006c05) Super .32 Pistol (xx006c0a) Super Stealth Hat (xx005eac) Super Experimental MIRV (xx006c06) Super Frag Mine (xx006bff) Super Missile Launcher (xx006c07) Super Pulse Mine (xx006c00) Super Rock-It Launcher (xx006c08) Super Sawed-Off Shotgun (xx006c09) View the super weapons and wearables in use against NPCs with companion friendly weapons here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY2kYqCm9H4 In 1.4 thanks to fan request, I added the following: Gave dad the hat and replaced his pistol with a companion friendly one. Gave Fawkes the hat and replaced his Gatling Laser with a companion friendly one, as well as make his hammer stronger. Wearables: Super Pre-War Casualwear (xx00a1c2) Super Pre-War Spring Outfit (xx00a1c1) Super Pre-War Bonnet (xx00a1c5) Super Pre-War Hat (xx00a1c4) Super Stealth Hat (xx009b18) Super T-51b Power Armor (xx00a1c0) Super T-51b Power Armor (xx00a1bf) Super Vault 101 Jumpsuit (xx00a1c6) Notes: I still can't figure out how I only change health, AP, and effect for headgear...then suddenly its not worn on the head!



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