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This mod places safe zones, like turrets, and more first aid kit locations, as well as a starting haul you'll appreaciate if you know Gamebryo.

Haku2049's A Safer Wasteland This adds a ton of safe spots in the capitol wasteland! There are turrets at several locations, as well as a few robots. There are even a few new First Aid Kits! At least two are jackpot ones, with awesome stuff inside! Oh, and I've added more armor and weapons than you can physically carry in Fallout 3 in a footlocker I added to the Vault escape scene! Yes, I know the turrets are pathetic. I've made all the ones I've added better, but they still can't take down an enemy with any efficiency. Plus, good luck insisting an enemy come into the line of fire from one! I've only added a small army of standard player Sentry Bots to protect the Regulators HQ since I know tons of stuff attacks before and after you visit. If its your goal to keep those poor Brahmin alive then you should appreciate the help! Edit (v1.2): In 1.2 I added a ton of turrets and sentry bots at Old Olney. I also added a terminal to make it look like its Dave's idea to set those up. I also fixed a bug I was never told by testers that when you talk to a sentry bot they break out into a faction-specific dialogue. Because of that I removed it from several potentially offending factions. Didn't really need to do the same to the turrets since you can't talk to them. EDIT (v1.1): Since I didn't have an old enough version 1.1 is essentially a new mod. I've basically just added things back roughly where they were in 1.0. The two things that didn't get copied are Lezlie's Clinic and the exterrior-only player home at Vault 101. EDIT (v1.0): I slightly changed the direction of one of the Evergreen Mills turrets to face outward. I replaced the file I have, but its such a tiny change I still call it a 1.0 EDIT (v1.0): Yes, I know 1.0 causes conversation problems and some NPCs go back where you found them instead of where they should. Since its hard to undo my messing with the conversation tree thing I just redid it. I have more locations for turrets and a better stash of weapons and armor. Try to ignore the stupid 1.2 edit until Gamebanana is capable of deleting old files properly. Until then you can always view my stuff on the far superior Fallout 3 Nexus (at: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/users/2679968)!



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