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### Description: SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch capture the flag mod with a twist ( besides the flag actually being a ball ) There are two phases a "build phase" and a "combat phase". In the build phase players build bases and other structures with blocks and plates to protect themselves and their team's flag. The constructing is done with the Gravity Gun that allows you to freeze and unfreeze objects, pick them up and move them. Each side has a limited amount of objects so use them vigilant. In the combat phase you will have to try and steal the enemies flag and return it to your flag. This is harder then it sounds since the other team will most likely have build an entire fort worthy of Mordor during the build phase to protect their flag. You can however unfreeze the enemies objects with the engineer class ( more about the classes below ) to make a hole in their defenses. The result is total mayhem where you have to defend your walls/structures, try to find a breach or create one in your enemies base, try not to get killed and get their flag and at the same time lay waste to the opposite team. This results in a awesome chaotic match with a different twist each round. The mod also has several different classes which each have their ups and downs. A must have mod if you're into CTF with a twist, also a great mod to play over lan with a bunch of buddies, fun guaranteed. Changelog 1.9.4 -> This may not list all changes, some small changes may have been made but not processed in the bug tracker.
Map fixes (some won't be listed here and some haven't been found in 1.9.4 yet, but are fixed): - sf\_abandon roof bug - sf\_fronts ammo box - sf\_fronts disposer (has been moved to the back of the block spawn room) - sf\_skywalk players spawning in walls - sf\_canyon skybox seam - sf\_overload spawn doors fixed for blue team - sf\_sphinx is now sandy Other bugs: - 0 bound to slot 10 - phys_swap bound to G - Default mouse sensitivity changed to three - Bleop noise on talk removed - Spelling in the buildwall decal fixed - Spelling on the sniper description fixed - Spelling on the rocketeer description fixed - Listen server creation window set up properly for SF - Dedicated server GUI set up for SF




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