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This mod is a GFX mod that has new particle effects, decals, model textures, and other effects for the weapons of Doom 3 and Ressurection of Evil.

/////////////////////////////// //Phrozo's Weapon Effects Mod// /////////////////////////////// //About// ///////// Date of Release: 12/24/2011 Version: 1.3 Author: Phrozo/RangerMcfriendly (same person) Modifies: Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil particle, lighting, texture, sound, and other effects. This is a graphics modification for all the weapons in Doom 3 and in Resurrection of Evil with some added extras. These modifications are primarily particle effects for the weapons, but also include extra weapon model textures, decals, and optimized lighting effects. /////////////////////// //Overview of Changes// /////////////////////// 1.3 Shortly after I released Phrozo mod 1.2, I began making small edits periodically to Doom 3 again as I wasn't quite satisfied with 1.2. 1.3 is the result of all that time since then, and it contains numerous major and minor changes. There really is too much to list if I want to get into specifics, but here is a summary. Muzzle smokes have had many changes. Most noticeable is the fact that I have completely done away with the muzzleflash strips used by default. Muzzleflashes are achieved purely with very quick particle effects that allow for a more realistic and varied look. They are also a lot smokier. Impact effects for bullets have been updated. They are much bigger than in 1.2, and more sparkier. The old impact effects are still included in 1.3, and even some unused particle effects that were experimental for users to use if they wish. Decals have been improved but are largely the same. All bullet holes now leave a small burning cinder like the chaingun used to, only smaller. The plasmaburn has a much better decal system that leaves better burn marks and leaves a nicer looking glow effect. All the glow decals fade out better too. Slime barrels have their own frag decal. Explosions have been vastly improved. While the frag particle effects are largely the same, I have tweaked the effects to make them look a lot more powerful. New sounds are used with sounder shaders that shake the screen much more intensely to give explosions a more satisfying feel as well. Burn away effects are replaced with some old particle effects I had worked on along time ago. I didn't think it was worth the time to implement it in 1.2, but I decided to for 1.3 and it didn't take so long to do. Monsters that pack heat: yes the ones with guns. Just as I did away with muzzleflash strips for guns, I also had to do so with the Z-SEC, commando etc. They have their own “hacky” muzzlesmokes (they are actually smoke trails). This was my noobish way of getting around another Doom 3 game limitation. Lighting effects used have been changed. I've made a lot of the lighting effects bigger, especially muzzleflashes, and quicker. I've shifted to using ambient lighting for some of those effects for performance reasons, and they also look brighter for quick flashes. If performance is an issue, it may be with the increasing lighting usage. /* The last of minor changes that deserve a mentioning: */ I fixed smoke wound effects for the trite. They now always bleed green instead of red (they have their own unique wound effect). I also added green blood decals for them, and they explode differently on suicide (they rarely do this, but you know...). The Hellknight's hands have green flames of ectoplasm, or whatever. This is something I tinkered with in the past and thought I'd add it. Hopefully you like it. The player bleeds now. When you get shot, you'll see the same bloody particle effect where you were wounded just like when you shoot enemies. This only works when being shot though. If you get clawed or bite or whatever, nothing happens. I would like to change that, but yea... don't know how. Tracers have been modified. I'm using particle models for them, but the default model used in-game has been modified to look better just incase people still want to use it. The chainsaw has a better muzzlesmoke now that even uses less particles! Chainsaw strike is more sparkier with bigger sparks. /* The list of small, obscure changes you probably won't notice, but they are there... */ The BFG overcharge effect now has a proper effect for it. Overcharge the BFG to see it. The grenade suicide also has a new effect for it. Wait for the grenade to explode in hand to see what happens. Melee. Unless you've got berserk or the chainsaw, melee is boring in Doom 3, but I speed up the animations for your fists and flashlight so you have a better chance of punching demons in the face. Too bad when monsters are in melee animation, you miss them most of the time in melee combat. Oh what the heck. You don't care, and if you do, they are in the files included. ////////////// //Other Info// ////////////// DDS: I have been unable to make compressed DDS textures successfully and decided to release this mod without them. This mod is intended to enhance the graphical effects and is intended for users playing at Ultra. If anyone can make DDS textures that work for this mod, I will gladly include it in a future release. ///////////// //Important// ///////////// Permissions: I believe in creative work and sharing ideas for others to use and build upon. As a result, you have permission to do anything you want with this mod. You may edit and distribute it without specific permission given, but please credit me! That is all I ask. Crediting: Credit Phrozo or RangerMcFriendly (same person) Contact: rangermcfriendlie@gmail.com (E-mail with questions, comments, or concerns) I am also a registered user at www.doom3world.org forums by the name of RangerMcFriendly. I visit occasionally, so you can message me there if you wish. Disclaimer: Most of the custom assets (textures) included are works done by me, however, some are derivative from existing Doom 3 assets. I do not take credit for making those textures, only modifying them to create new ones or to make changes in game. //////////// //Thoughts// //////////// Enjoy this mod as much as possible. I encourage users to implement these assets into other projects. I've tried to add richness to the particle effects without hurting performance as much as possible, and it would be nice to get some "second" opinions on the effects and whether some of level of detail I add to my effects are noticeable enough to warrant. That being said, I want the community to use my assets and make them better then I ever could, whether it be visually superior or optimized in ways I failed to do.



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    eh, very nice, but could you make a version with only the bfg features? is the only thing I want, please
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