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Of course, GunGame5 is required (for GG4, go here) This little script improves the GunGame gameplay a little bit. 1. Knife-Level When a User is on the Knife-Level, it is hard for him to get a kill. So I thought: Wouldn't it be fair if he could ran a bit faster? Code: // -- Knife-Level Settings -- // // If a user is on the Knife-Level, his speed is higher than the // Activate the Knife-Level Module? (1=yes, 0=no) gg_improvement_knife 1 // Set the speed (default value is a good one, in my opinion) gg_improvement_knife_speed 1.30 // --- // 2. Join-Message If a user joins the Server, there will be a message like this: Quote: PitBull has joined the Server. Total Wins: 17 Code: // -- Join-Message Settings -- // // If a user joins the server, a message will be sent how much wins he has gg_improvement_joinmessage 1 // ---// 3. Bomb-Messages This feature tells the public that the user gained a level for defusing the bomb/planting the exploded bomb. Also there is a little cheer for the user who planted the bomb that he should protect the C4. Code: // -- Bomb-Message Settings -- // // Should there be a little cheer for the user when he planted the bomb? (1=yes, 0=no) gg_improvement_bomb_planted 1 // Should there be a message that the user leveld-up if the bomb exlpoded? (1=yes, 0=no) gg_improvement_bomb_exploded 1 // Should there be a message if a user defuses the bomb? (1=yes, 0=no) gg_improvement_bomb_defused 1 // --- // 4. Wrong-Weapon Notification & set Ammo to a higher value You can notify a person if he picked up the wrong weapon. Also you can set the reserve ammo to a value you like. Code: // -- Weapon Settings -- // // Should there be a notification for the player if he picks-up the wrong weapon? gg_improvement_wwnotify 1 // Should the player get a specific amount of ammo? (0=disabled, every over number is the ammo) gg_improvement_ammo_more 200 // --- // Installation 1. Edit the config 2. Upload to your server 3. Reload gungame (es_reload gungame)



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