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A Mod for Fortress Forever

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I find the radial menu in this game next to useless. It is clumsy, takes to long to use, and it is very easy to miss your intended target action. I wrote these scripts/configs to completely eliminate

Installation: Copy the files located in the zip you got this out of into C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\FortressForever\cfg. If you have never edited the configuration files in this folder, just overwrite everything. If you have, you can either overwrite them, or append the scripts in my file to the corresponding versions you have. If you do that however, some of your scripts may conflict with the ones in this package and as such I recommend you overwrite. The general method used in this file is to define aliases (util1-9) for generic use, and then overwrite them when applicable in specific class configurations. This was designed for an ESDF setup and the default autoexec.cfg and cleanup.cfg reflect this. As a service to you WASD users out there, by default these lines are commented out. These pertain to util1-3 being bound to Q, A, and Z. These also provide most of the funct- ionality of this package, however. For ESDF users, simply uncomment the lines, and it will work. If you use WASD doing this will overwrite some of your movement keys, so you need to change the key it is bound to. To do this, open autoexec.cfg and cleanup.cfg. Uncomment the lines that say bind Q +util1 down to bind Z +util3 then change the key after bind to bind it to a different key. Pick anything that works for you. Once you've got that setup, fire up FF and make sure the binds work. If they don't, go back to the two files and look for errors. This is also designed for a 5 button mouse, but that is much less important as those are only used for throwing grenades. To enable those, do the same procedure for the lines that bind MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 Once you've got everything all figured out, enjoy your new scripts. General Binds: - ALT(+util5): Call for medic and engie - MOUSE4(+util7): Prime/Throw special grenade - MOUSE5(+util6): Prime/Throw frag grenade Class specific details: 1. Scout: - Q(+util1): Primes a conc and holds it till it explodes, still throws right before explosion. - A(+util2): Throws the flag and prints a message to team-chat with health, armor, and location. 2. Soldier: - Q(+util1): Prints a message to team-chat requesting help with health, armor, class, and location. - SHIFT(+util4): Jumps, ducks, and fires a rocket for a rocket jump. 3. Pyro: - See soldier, but with flamethrower/IC instead of rockets. 4. HWGuy: - Q(+util1): Toggles firing of the current weapon - SHIFT(+util4): Jumps and fires the current weapon, useful for negating the slowdown effect of the AC to ambush. 5. Demoman: - Q(+util1): Toggle between timed bombs and pipes. - A(+util2): Plant the detpack with the timer set by +util4 - SHIFT(+util4): Shifts the detpack timer between 5, 10, 20, 50 with audiable notifications as to which timer you set 6. Engineer: - Q(+util1): Build sentry, or if already built dismantle it if in contact with it and detonate if away from it. - A(+util2): Same as +util1 but with a dispenser - Z(+util3): Aim sentry at cursor - MOUSE2(+util8): (Takes place of radial menu, no longer needed) Switch to wrench and swing, on release switches to pre previous weapon 7. Medic: - See Scout 8. Sniper: - Q(+util1): Toggle between sniper rifle and autorifle - A(+util2): Hold the charge, press again to fire 9. Spy: - Q(+util1): Emergency button - Throws a gas grenade, if you have one, cloaks, cycles one disguise down and redisguises, and prints a message to team-chat saying you have been spotted and your location/health/armor- /previous disguise. - A(+util2): Activates a sabotaged sentry - Z(+util3): Activates a sabotaged dispenser - SHIFT(+util4): Calls for a medic and an engie, and prints a message to team-chat with class, disguise, location, and HP/ARMOR - MWHEELUP(+util9): Cycles through the class disguises in order, playing an audible message telling you what class you currently have selected - MWHEELDOWN(+util10): Same as +util9, but in reverse order. Both are linked to each other, so they interact. - ALT(+util5): Applies currently selected disguise - MOUSE2(+util8): (Takes place of radial menu, no longer needed) Cloak



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