Kreia's Assorted Robes

A Mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL

This mod will make it so that depending on the type of robe you give Kreia, her appearance will effectively change to a suitable representation. Basically, she’ll ditch the “burlap sack” excuse of

Authors Contact: (please put 'Kotor' somewhere in the subject) Mod Name: [TSL] Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection v1.1 Changelog: v1.1 - Added the Win98/Win2000 Compile Fix v1.0 - Original Release 1. SUMMARY: =========== Ever noticed no matter what you decide to put on Kreia, she seems dead-set on wearing that burlapsack excuse for a robe? Well, apparently Master Kavar did and he came up with a modding request that I just couldn’t pass up. “Why not make it so that Kreia’s robes will change to an appropriate representation of what you put on her?” Well sure, why not..? Sounded like a pretty level headed request to me.. and an opinion I shared. So here you have it folks, I offer you: -()- Kreia’s Assorted Robe Collection -()- Whoa whoa whoa...hold on a minute, let me correct that! I would like to give proper credit, kudos, and my heartfelt thanks to the many modders that were involved and made this mod possible. Without their hardwork, guidance & contribution(s) to this mod... none of it would've been possible. So I'd like to say that if you enjoyed this mod, that the following modders had major roles in it's completion: - Master Kavar: the mastermind behind the idea & the person that this mod was initially made for - stoffe –mkb-: for providing the script base to actually get Kreia's "switching" to work properly (basically the entire premise of the mod's original function) - svösh: for his guidance on how to properly correct Kreia's model diffusion (so her skins didn't have a green tint) - Achilles: for providing the corrected diffusion model base for Kreia (his was much better than mine) - oldflash: for providing the model and skin of Kreia's "Dark Shroud" - tk102: for allowing me to incorporate his "Remote Tells Your Influence Mod", giving the little guy more of a purpose than what I had originally planned for him. Thank you very much, all of you. I hope you know that your help was not only invaluable... but greatly appreciated. 2. DESCRIPTION: =============== This mod will make it so that depending on the type of robe you give Kreia, her appearance will effectively change to a suitable representation. Basically, she’ll ditch the “burlap sack” excuse of a robe to one with proper details. In addition to the “pretty colors”, this mod also adds a new small area (Citadel:082West Residential:Medical), a mini-quest you can pursue in order to construct the Dark Shroud... a Kreia-specific robe (new model), and a voiced dialogue exchange cutscene between the PC and Kreia, giving her a more “human side” we rarely see… This mod also implements tk102’s “Remote Tells Your Influence” Mod, allowing the little guy to actually have a purpose. Just ask him to stop flying around, and then you can ask him how much influence you have with the rest of your crew. However, he just 'might' have another purpose… hmmm… 3. STATS: ========= Dark Shroud ______________________________________ - Restricted to Kreia - Upgradeable - Defense Bonus : +5 - Regenerate Force Points : Random - Regeneration : Random - Blaster Bolt Increase : Random - Reduced Saving Throw : Will (-5) - Dual Hand Weapon Wield 4. INSTALLATION & COMPATIBILITY: ================================ IMPORTANT: **- this mod uses an appearance.2da & globalcat.2da file. If you are already using such a file, please read the disclaimer below. It's VERY important that your .2da file isn't located within a sub-folder of your override directory! This Installer will automatically merge said .2da’s and make a backup of your old files, so need to worry over it. If it hasn't already been done, the Patcher will automatically make backup copies of the files before it modifies them. These backups will be placed in the backup folder within the same folder as this patcher application. ************************************************************************************ *** *** IMPORTANT! The installer will NOT look for existing files within sub-folders *** of the Override folder, just in the Override folder itself. If you have *** modified versions of any of the above listed files (except dialog.tlk) sitting *** in sub-folders, move them up into the Override folder before running the *** Installer. This is to avoid ambiguity in case several files with the same *** name exists in different folders. *** ************************************************************************************ Now, open the .rar file & drag-n-drop the folder "Kreias Assorted Robes" onto your desktop (or folder of your choice). DO NOT PLACE THE FOLDER IN YOUR OVERRIDE DIRECTORY. Next, open the folder and run the installer application named "KreiasRobes_Installer.exe" that came with this mod. This will update the necessary game files and install the Mod into your game. Make sure that there is a folder named "tslpatchdata" present in the same folder the Installer application is. This folder contains essential data files the installer needs. Note that YOU MUST RUN THIS INSTALLER for the Mod to function. Simply copying the files from the "TSLPatchData" folder will NOT work. 5. USAGE: ========= 1-) with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: For the Mechanical Hand Parts: giveitem kds_mech_parts For the Mechanical Hand Journal: giveitem kds_mech_jrnl For the Dark Shroud Materials: giveitem kds_materials For Kreia's Dark Shroud++: giveitem kreia_shroud 2-) Press "ENTER" ** For the Anti-Console (bless you), The mod includes a mini-quest in which the PC must acquire the 3 components in order to construct Kreia's Dark Shroud. After retrieving the parts, you must board the Ebon Hawke and talk to the Remote. If you have all the pieces, he'll construct the mech hand in which you (assumed) attach to the robe and deliver it to Kreia. ++ KEEP IN MIND, if you cheat the Dark Shroud in your inventory, the Remote will not construct the hand and you'll miss out on the PC/Kreia dialogue exchange. You can however cheat the 3 components in and continue on that way (slackers.. hehehe) 6. REMOVAL: =========== When you run the Installer initially, it will create backup copies of any existing files it modifies**. These files will be placed in a new folder named "backup", located in the same folder as the Installer. To uninstall the mod, delete any files that were placed in your Override folder, then copy the content of the Backup folder back into your override folder. The following files were added to your Override folder when you installed this mod: appearance.2da** globalcat.2da** ia_slave_255.tga ip_pltuseitm_255.tga k_204tel_enter.ncs k_701area_enter.ncs k_oei_spawn.ncs k_oei_userdef.ncs kds_204_medcomm.utp kds_204door_dlg.dlg kds_204door_dlg.ncs kds_204doorchk.ncs kds_204medcomm.ncs kds_701plcbkor.ncs kds_701plcbkor.utp kds_701plcbkor2.utp kds_701plcbkor3.utp kds_compchk.ncs kds_desk.utp kds_desk_dlg.dlg kds_desk_dlg.ncs kds_drdprobe.utc kds_functions.ncs kds_invis1.utp kds_invis2.utp kds_khag.utp kds_kiosk.utp kds_kolto_dlg.dlg kds_kolto_dlg.ncs kds_lockerlg.utp kds_materials.uti kds_mech_jrnl.uti kds_mech_parts.uti kds_medcan.utp kds_meddoorchk.ncs kds_metalbox.utp kds_partpile.utp kds_pc_kolto.utp kds_plstccrt.utp kds_poison.ncs kds_robedone_dlg.dlg kds_robedone_dlg.ncs kds_sign.utp kds_smdoor.utp kds_workb_rep.utp kreia_shroud.uti N_TrayaA.tga N_TrayaH.tga old_204tel_enter.ncs old_701area_enter.ncs P_Kreia1h02.mdl P_Kreia1h02.mdx P_Kreia1h03.mdl P_Kreia1h03.mdx P_Kreia1h04.mdl P_Kreia1h04.mdx P_Kreia1h05.mdl P_Kreia1h05.mdx P_Kreia1h08.mdl P_Kreia1h08.mdx P_Kreia1h09.mdl P_Kreia1h09.mdx P_Kreia1h10.mdl P_Kreia1h10.mdx P_Kreia1h12.mdl P_Kreia1h12.mdx P_Kreia1h13.mdl P_Kreia1h13.mdx P_Kreia1h14.mdl P_Kreia1h14.mdx P_Kreia1h15.mdl P_Kreia1h15.mdx P_Kreia1h17.mdl P_Kreia1h17.mdx P_Kreia1h18.mdl P_Kreia1h18.mdx P_Kreia1h19.mdl P_Kreia1h19.mdx P_Kreia1h21.mdl P_Kreia1h21.mdx P_Kreia1h27.mdl P_Kreia1h27.mdx P_Kreia1hMN.mdl P_Kreia1hMN.mdx P_Kreia1hOF.mdl P_Kreia1hOF.mdx P_KreiaA.tga P_KreiaA.txi P_KreiaA02.tga P_KreiaA02.txi P_KreiaA03.tga P_KreiaA03.txi P_KreiaA04.tga P_KreiaA04.txi P_KreiaA05.tga P_KreiaA05.txi P_KreiaA08.tga P_KreiaA08.txi P_KreiaA09.tga P_KreiaA09.txi P_KreiaA10.tga P_KreiaA10.txi P_KreiaA12.tga P_KreiaA12.txi P_KreiaA13.tga P_KreiaA13.txi P_KreiaA14.tga P_KreiaA14.txi P_KreiaA15.tga P_KreiaA15.txi P_KreiaA17.tga P_KreiaA17.txi P_KreiaA18.tga P_KreiaA18.txi P_KreiaA19.tga P_KreiaA19.txi P_KreiaA21.tga P_KreiaA21.txi P_KreiaA27.tga P_KreiaA27.txi P_KreiaAmn.tga P_KreiaAmn.txi P_KreiaH02.tga P_KreiaH03.tga P_KreiaH04.tga P_KreiaH05.tga P_KreiaH08.tga P_KreiaH09.tga P_KreiaH10.tga P_KreiaH12.tga P_KreiaH13.tga P_KreiaH14.tga P_KreiaH15.tga P_KreiaH17.tga P_KreiaH18.tga P_KreiaH19.tga P_KreiaH21.tga P_KreiaH27.tga remote.dlg tk_remote_getinf.ncs 7. CREDITS: =========== Super-Special thanks to: [] Master Kavar [] stoffe -mkb- [] svösh - [] Achilles - [] oldflash [] tk102 Special Thanks to: - Holowan Laboratories for all the great resources! - Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool app, outstanding! - Darth333 for the wherami armband - tk102 for the K-GFF Editor, a great supplement to Fred's Kotor Tool - To everyone else I may have forgotten, and to all who have tried this mod out (or at least got this far in the readme)...Thank you! 8. DISCLAIMER: =============== This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. Copyright: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
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