CS2D max b0.1.0.9

A Mod for Counter-Strike 2D

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CS2D max beta version

    ### Beta - 08.09.2008 [FIXED] Serverlist sorting bug with uppercase / lowercase letters [FIXED] Blank/empty playernames were possible [FIXED] Only CTs heared "Hostage has been rescued!" message [FIXED] Skin selection security hole [FIXED] Living teammates heared dead team chat [FIXED] Displayed pings were imprecise and too high [FIXED] Wrong rendering order of barricade ground [FIXED] Func_DynWall did not kill hostages [FIXED] Fire and gas did not injure hostages [FIXED] Several spectating bugs [FIXED] RPGs/Rockets flew too far sometimes (clientside in multiplayer games) [CHANGED] Damage of all Pistols increased [CHANGED] Penalty for killing team buildings + max 5 team buildings killable [CHANGED] Info_CTF_Flag, Info_Dom_Point and Env_Breakable can now trigger entities [CHANGED] Everyone can read dead chat in game modes with instant respawning [CHANGED] Nobody receives radio messages in deathmatch mode [CHANGED] You only hear your own "Fire in the Hole" message in deathmatch mode [CHANGED] logs will now be saved in "sys/logs"-folder [CHANGED] TKs with gas grenade or molotov cocktail are not counted as TK anymore [CHANGED] Ingame menu button order changed (options/server settings/players & bans) [ADDED] New commands / Settings [ADDED] Builder and health of buildings will now be displayed [ADDED] Buildings of own team can be repaired with wrench primary attack [ADDED] Option to render Env_Sprite under or over players (like Env_Image) [ADDED] Option to hide Env_Sprite if player uses nightvision googles [ADDED] Player spawnmoney time limit (max every 15 sec, DM/TeamDM/Construction) [ADDED] Adjustable respawn delay (0 sec by default) [ADDED] Team option for trigger entities [ADDED] Zoom function for spectating (rightclick) [ADDED] Entity Info_NoBuildings [ADDED] Entity Func_Message [ADDED] Supply building (can be used with [E] by builder for supply selection) [ADDED] Snowball [ADDED] Air Strike [ADDED] Mine [ADDED] Basic HTML server stats with player ranking and traffic stats [ADDED] IRC Chat (very basic) [ADDED] Friends List (does NOT support chatting!)



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