CS2D max b0.1.0.8

A Mod for Counter-Strike 2D

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CS2D max beta version

### Beta - 18.08.2008 [FIXED] Minor editor tilelist scrolling problem [FIXED] Weapon stayed in zoom mode while reloading [FIXED] Dropped flags disappeared like normal weapons (CTF) [FIXED] Map editor/mapinfo showed wrong map-size (1 x/y too small) [FIXED] Bugs with some buildings when players leave (buildings will be removed now) [FIXED] "scroll background like tiles" bug (no scrolling) [FIXED] Kevlar/Kevlar&Helmet purchasing bug with little money [FIXED] Tile modes explosion/toxic were mixed up [FIXED] Several spectating bugs [FIXED] Trigger_Delay self-trigger did not work [FIXED] Dispenser did not work properly [FIXED] players were able leave the map 1 tile on the left/top [FIXED] Env_Decal bugs in editor [FIXED] Bots ran into walls when they tried to collect weapons sometimes [FIXED] V.I.P. was able to collect all weapons (now USP only) [FIXED] Items did not fade out in deathmatch mode on dedicated servers [CHANGED] Movement speed decreased by 10% [CHANGED] Flash/HE detonation delay decreased (now 1.3 sec, old 1.5) [CHANGED] HE explosion damage and radius increased [CHANGED] Gate field price and health reduced, buildimit of 3 added, damage reduced [CHANGED] Gas grenade now hurts player directly. Armor doesn't protect anymore [CHANGED] Gas grenade damage and radius increased [CHANGED] Molotov cocktail explodes when it hits a wall [CHANGED] Shotgun range decreased and dispersion increased [CHANGED] Glock/Famas burst dispersion increased and burst damage decreased [CHANGED] Env_Decal now works on walls and obstacles too [CHANGED] lastinv command (Q) improved [CHANGED] Domination possible with less players if there are not enough on server [CHANGED] All player texts are now green in deathmatch mode (instead of red/blue) [CHANGED] All players are now visible on the radar in deathmatch mode [CHANGED] sayteam is now the same as say in deathmatch mode [CHANGED] Playername character restriction removed [CHANGED] You always have a knife now - even in construction mode [ADDED] New commands / Settings [ADDED] Servers using wrong version can be hidden with filter [ADDED] +300$ for dominating points (DOM) [ADDED] Map editor rect tool size displayed [ADDED] Additional setting for Env_Hurt (damage on time/movement/both) [ADDED] Bots now understand CTF and DOM maps [ADDED] Flags are now visible on the radar (CTF) [ADDED] Turret building [ADDED] Editor button to remove the background image [ADDED] High ping/latency autokick with mp_pinglimit (500 ms by default) [ADDED] Player gets money each spawn (DM/TeamDM/Construction, 2000$ by default)



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