Insurgency 2.1RC to 2.1RC2

A Mod for Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat [MOD]

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Bugs fixed: * Fixed: players spawning inside other players (generally AFK) and being killed instantly. * Fixed: players getting stuck when throwing a grenade when prone on certain locations. * Shotgun pellet damage has been reduced. * Shotgun penetration has been fixed. * Volume slider in music options works properly now and saves the volume settings. * It is now possible to mute other players - new option available in game menu. * Fixed: Scoreboard not showing all the players in the server. * Weapon caches now don't give players extra / infinite grenades that they shouldn't. * A bug affecting some classes loadouts has been fixed. * The in-game voice notification panel will now show the correct colors (blue or red depending on the team). * Fixed an annoying "unconnected has disconnected" message. * Random sound effects that could be heard while tweaking the options menu have been addressed. * Fixed a number of known client and server crashes after collecting minidumps from the community. * The Shader Effects Update patch will no longer be necessary. * Third person M203 firing sounds are now audible. Map updates: * ins_sinjar - USMC initial spawn area has been redesigned. - Fixed strange effects on certain trucks. * ins_samawah_day has been improved. * ins_karkar: - Made all physics props static to prevent stuck issues. - Clipped a few area's for prone players. - B objective no longer extends to the elevator shaft. - Added a ladder to the top of conveyor belt in the mine building. - Fixed an issue with scope zooms. - Other small tweaks. * ins_ramadi: - Changed ambient light color and intensity. - Added a extra way over the wall for USMC between their spawn and the school building. - Decreased the size of B objective capture zone by half, cut on the insurgent side. * ins_buhriz: - Objective C moved further away. - Fixed narrow path not letting more than 1 player go through near the initial INS spawn. - Added extra staircase to Objective Bravo. - Received minor additional tweaks. Sound updates: * USMC voices have been reverted to the previous version (2.0 voices). * Insurgent voices have been updated. * Weapon sounds have been improved.



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