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The purpose of this mod is to add back into the game all the content that was originally planned by the Fallout 2 devs. You will find about 6 new locations (some quite large, other smaller) as well as

Here is a list of the new content found in the expansion. I consider this a spoiler, so if you like to make discoveries on your own, don't read too much of this. New Locations: -------------- • EPA • Primitive Tribe • Abbey • Vault Village • Slaver's Camp • Hubologist Stash • Den Residential Area • Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad • Ranger Safe Houses New Karma title: ---------------- • New title given at the start of the game. Can be lost depending on the choices you make. Unimplemented Perk: ------------------- • Cult of Personality and Karma Beacon perks are now fully implemented. Changes To Old Locations: ------------------------- Arroyo: ------- • Stealing from the Elder's chest, Hakunin chest, or Aunt Morlis' vase will result in a karma drop. • Ability to plant new seeds obtained from the EPA. • Learn about the origins of the first Chosen One. The Den: -------- • New Area: Den Residential • New Character: Petey - A druggie who lives in the alley • New Quest: Orphanage - get the children of The Den off the streets • New Item: Anna's diary • Learn more about the whereabouts of Sulik's sister • An extended gang war quest. Now involves going to the party Tyler is at. Klamath: -------- • There is now another way of killing Keeng Ra'at. Be observant of the scenery. • Extended Cattle Rustling Quest. • Extended dialogue for Maida Buckner - before neither she nor her mother would give you info about the town (would send you in a wild goose chase - ask Mom, ask daughter, ask mom, etc) • Unlocked voice dialogue for Sulik regarding his sister (won't notice until Primitive Tribe area) Redding: -------- • It is now possible to cure Fannie of her jet addiction. • It is now possible to make Fannie OD on jet. • Support beams in the mines are now destructible. • Killing all the miners prevents there from being a good ending for Redding. Modoc: ------ • It is now possible when falling down in the Ghost Caves or being expelled from the Modoc toilet to break a limb. (Party members are affected too) New Reno: --------- • New Character: Three Card Monte and his bodyguard • The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at one of the casinos • A more involved find Lloyd quest -New Character: Nikki • New Character: The Barking Man -Connected to the EPA • An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman -before if you went to the Stables (as a hooker) you would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing really new happened. • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA Sierra Army Depot: ------------------ • Trip Wire now works as intended. • When robots are destroyed they are replaced by new robots. Vault City: ----------- • New Location: Village Outside Vault City -New characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest. • Learn some info about the Vault Experiments from Vault City's Vault. Gecko: ------ • Mess with the Enclave on the Gecko computer and feel the wrath of the verti assault encounter. • Lenny now glows in the dark when you use a radioactive drink on him. • Ability to become addicted to the game of Tragic. • Lenny now carries a Zip gun when you first encounter him. Broken Hills: ------------- • New Quest: Money Skimming Quest -New characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest. -Unlocked voice dialogue from Marcus Raiders: -------- • Nonviolent end to Raiders. (Shadow Who Walks) NCR: ---- • Ability to attack Ranger safe houses as a Slaver. • Ability to attack Slaver Camp as a Ranger. Vault 13: --------- • Find out the real truth behind the Vault Experiments. San Francisco: -------------- • Return the missing Shi biology corpse • New location obtained: Hubologist stash Navarro: -------- • Ability to fly to Enclave in a vertibird. Enclave: -------- • Ability to set off the nuke found on the Presidential level. Random Encounters: ------------------ • Ability to get location of EPA from Random Traveler • 5 Kaga encounters (He was the previous Chosen One and is now trying to kill you) • Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters. • Ability to save Homesteaders and then receive a reward for your service. • Homesteader encounters now contain children. • Space shuttle special encounter now has the Phazer. • Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran. --- ====================================== Release 1.2: - Released JUNE/9/2008 ====================================== New Content/Game Changes: • There is now a diplomatic way to end the Kaga encounters. • New dialogue for Flick after setting up the orphanage in the Den. • Contaminating the SAD is now reflected in the New Reno ending. • Harold's desk now has the yellow pass key which opens the doors in the Gecko Power Plant. • The Cult of Personality and Karma Beacon perks have now been fully implemented. • Robots that are destroyed at the SAD are now replaced - only on the Repair Level. -It is possible to prevent the robots from being replaced. • Solar Scorcher is no longer obtainable from the Guardian Portal encounter. Instead, it is found at the EPA. • Changed weapon placement at the EPA to improve overall game balance. • Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran. Bug Fixes: • Corrected numerous typos • Fixed issue with Hakunin's locked chest. • Planting normal seeds in Arroyo no longer crashes the game. • It is no longer possible to get the "Figure out who's rustling the brahmin" quest after the Dunton's are dead. • Cleaned up code involved in the Den gang war questline. • Fixed bug with Harry not going to jail after you turn him in for giving guns to the Vault Village. • Heavy clean up to the Vault Village questline. • Fixed typo in the description of the Collect Food quest for the Vault Village. • Removed debug code from the Brain's script which caused everyone to think the reactor was fixed after looking at his description. • It is no longer possible to administer the jet antidote to Fannie in Redding yourself. It is only possible to cure Fannie through Lou. • Fixed bug where leaving the map right after giving Fannie money would make it impossible for Fannie to OD on jet. • Fixed dialogue scripting bug in Nikki's dialogue. • Cleaned up Ranger code and how they react to the Slaver's camp quest. • It's finally possible to fly the Vertibird from Navarro to the Enclave - was accidently not included in 1.1 • Gas mask now works inside the Broken Hills mine. • Using the elevators at the EPA should no longer crash the game. • Doors that use the ABRE password are no longer bugged. • Killing the plants outside the EPA with the plant spray should no longer cause the quest to kill them to become unresolved. • Fixed day/night lighting problems at the EPA. Only the botanical (green) level has a day/night cycle. • Fixed some bugs with the Doctor at the EPA. • The warrior at the Primitive Tribe will accept either regular or sharpened spears. -Fixed all bugs associated with this quest. • Fixed the bug with fixing the well at the Primitive Tribe. • Serin should no longer be found stuck inside walls or not show up in places he should. • Removed the explodable rocks near the water at the Abbey. • The quest "Inform brother Thomas and father Tully about the whereabouts of each other" is miss-named. It should be Samuel and not Thomas. This has been corrected. • Failing to steal from the Slavers at the Slaver camp should cause them to become hostile. • Your car will no longer be left at the Slaver camp when you bring Sulik's sister back to the Primitive Tribe. • The guards at the Hubologist stash are no longer unarmed. • Restored the missing graphic to the watch at the Hubologist stash. • Numerous other bug fixes/code optimizations not worth mentioning in detail. ====================================== Release 1.1: - Released JAN/13/2008 ====================================== • Fixed/added AI code for all the new locations. NPCs in these locations will now be on the correct teams. • Fixed tons of holes, walking through solid objects, using items through walls, etc, in all the new locations. • Cleaned up gang war code in the Den. Should work correctly now. • Fixed issue of Sulik's Sister existing at both the Slaver Camp and her village when you bring her home. • Fixed issue of Horrigan's encounter no longer occurring. • Hopefully fixed issue of random forced empty encounters occurring. • Fixed issues with the money skimming quest in Broken Hills. • Fixed crash when delivering guns to the Vault Village. • Fixed various crashes and issues associated with the EPA. Should be a better experience now. • Tweaked how the cattle rustle quest in Klamath is done. • Fixed issue of Sulik wandering off the Primitive Tribe map. • Kaga's encounters should be less buggy. • Fixed issue of there being no background environment when speaking with Goris. • Giving Dogmeat the dog food found at the EPA now does something. • Corrected various instances of "ERROR" being displayed in the message window or being said by NPCs. • The Abbey computer is no longer accessible at any moment of use. It now correctly requires a passkey. • Nikki, who was accidently forgotten in the first release, can now be found in New Reno. • The car no longer appears inside one of the Ranger safe houses. • Fixed dialogue error when speaking with the NCR rangers in NCR after having already wiped out the slaver camp. • Redid the new alternate method of killing Keeng Ra'at. • Tons of general bug fixes. Should be much more stable and bug free. ====================================== Release 1.0: - Released JAN/05/2008 ====================================== First official public release.



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