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Zombie Swarm 3.1

A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

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This requires Round Terminator to work!

Zombie Swarm is a server side modification for Counter-Strike 1.6.
The game play is very simple. There is no infection so it is 
simply kill or be killed. Work as a team and eliminate the opposing threat.
(I could add more modes but that requires ideas and time.)

I was mainly inspired to do this after playing the modification Zombie Horde
for Counter-Strike Source and decided to recreate it with my own ideas thrown
into the mix.

When you are a zombie. There are some special abilities that can be used to kill the humans.

Pressing your 'reload' key (default is R)
You are able to spring yourself forward into the direction you are facing

Flesh Throw
Pressing both '+attack1' and '+attack2' (default is left and right mouse clicks)
You will rip some flesh off your body and throw it at your enemies. 

//Copy and paste this in your amxx.cfg file and edit

//Health of Zombies
zswarm_health	1500
//Armour of Zombies
zswarm_armour	750
//Gravity of Zombies
zswarm_gravity	700
//Controller for Zombie footstep sounds. 1 to for now footstep sounds. 0 to have it on
zswarm_footsteps	1

//Speed of Zombies
zswarm_speed	300

//Controller for Zombies to turn on night-vision. 1 to turn on nightvision. 0 to turn off
zswarm_autonvg	1

//The percentage of each damage which would minus from a Zombie's health. 
//Must have armour left.
zswarm_dmg_hp_percent	50
//The percentage of each damage which would minus from a Zombie's armour. 
//Must have armour left.
zswarm_dmg_ap_percent 	35

//Controller for number of rounds before switching sides. 0 to for switching. 
//Does not swap bots
zswarm_rounds 	5

//Controller to allowing to manually switch teams or not. 1 to block switching teams. 0 for not
zswarm_blockteams 	1
//Controller to allow CT's to turn on night-vision or not. 1 to block nightvision. 0 to allow it
zswarm_blocknvg 	0

//Lighting of the mod. Default is 1.
//0 is daylight, 1 is lightning strikes and anything else is pitchblack.
zswarm_lights 	1

//Controller to enable leap for Zombies. 1 to enable. 0 to disable
zswarm_leap 	1
//Cooldown between each leap
zswarm_cooldown	"5.0"
//The force of a leap
zswarm_lforce 	525
//The height of a leap
zswarm_lheight 	260

//Controller to enable flesh-throw for Zombies. 1 to enable. 0 to disable
zswarm_fleshthrow 1
//Force of the flesh-throw
zswarm_fforce	1500
//Damage of a flesh-throw to targets
zswarm_fleshdmg	20
//Damage of a flesh-throw to Zombie using it
zswarm_fselfdmg	250
//Controller for flesh-throw to destory map ents. 1 to enable. 0 to disable
zswarm_fleshents 1
//Name of which sky to use
zswarm_skyname	"space"
//Force round end when round timer reaches 0:00
zswarm_endround 1
//Controller to enable gun-menu to CT's. 1 to enable. 0 to disable
zswarm_gunmenu 1
//A controller for the gun-menu selection. Weapons
zswarm_weapons "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
//A controller for the gun-menu selection. Equipment
zswarm_equip "hffsn"

//The number of seconds to fully build a objective
zswarm_obj_percent "18.0"



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