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CSCZ Custom BOT from Bang Dream! V 1.5

A Mod for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero


V 1.5 Updates Content 5d
  • Feature V 1.5 - Features Update
  • Addition V 1.5 - Added new BOTs Nickname (Glitter*Green and CHiSPA)
  • Improvement V 1.5 - Apply custom personality to every Custom Bot from Bang Dream!
Updates Content on V 1.5
  • Added all Glitter*Green and CHiSPA members. They will appear on difficulty Hard and Expert.
  • Bot with name Yuri (Bot Original) in Easy was disabled because it has the same name.

BOTs Adjustment on V 1.5
Avatar (in Bang Dream!) Full Name Characteristics Adjustment
Sayo (Icon) Sayo Hikawa Main Weapon P90 changed to AWP

Added New Features
  • Specified BOT (Bot with full name from Bang Dream! and specified weapon)
  • Semi Specified BOT (Bot with short name and specified weapon)

Feature Updates
  • Botprofile changed to Minor Specified BOT. (Bot only with short name without specified skin and weapons for all bots)
  • Bots of Raise A Suilen members will use Stage Name. (Only for Specified BOT)
  • Apply specified weapon for all bots of Morfonica and Raise A Suilen members. (Only for Specified BOT)
  • Apply custom personality to every custom bot from Bang Dream! for Specified BOT, except Glitter*Green and CHiSPA members. (Like Condition Zero in Tour of Duty)
  • Improvement where BOT does not appear.

Custom BOT for Condition Zero from Bang Dream by Munawar Sukmadipraja

Newest Version : V 1.5

This is a modification of the BotProfile of CS 1.6. I modified the BOT name from the Bang Dream! Girls Band Party. You can use it in Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike 1.6 (which supports the base skins of the Spetsnaz and Midwest Militia).

All bots of Bang Dream! characters will appear when you choose difficulty Expert (or using a command on console with bot_difficulty 3).

Tested on : Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike 1.6 (+CSO Modded), CSMoE, CSGO (still in experimental progress)

Some selected specified bot will use a specific skins (Spetsnaz and Midwest Militia) :
Casual Easy Normal Tough Hard Very Hard Expert Elite
Random Random Grant
N/A Rui
The preview above is only for V 1, next version might be different.

Band Members
  1. Poppin' Party
  2. Kasumi (Icon)
    Kasumi Toyama
    Tae (Icon)
    Tae Hanazono
    Rimi (Icon)
    Rimi Ushigome
    Saaya (Icon)
    Saaya Yamabuki
    Arisa (Icon)
    Arisa Ichigaya

  3. Afterglow
  4. Ran (Icon)
    Ran Mitake
    Moca (Icon)
    Moca Aoba
    Himari (Icon)
    Himari Uehara
    Tomoe (Icon)
    Tomoe Udagawa
    Tsugumi (Icon)
    Tsugumi Hazawa

  5. Hello Happy World
  6. Kokoro (Icon)
    Kokoro Tsurumaki
    Kaoru (Icon)
    Kaoru Seta
    Hagumi (Icon)
    Hagumi Kitazawa
    Kanon (Icon)
    Kanon Matsubara
    Michelle (Icon)
    Misaki Okusawa

  7. Pastel*Palettes
  8. Aya (Icon)
    Aya Maruyama
    Hina (Icon)
    Hina Hikawa
    Chisato (Icon)
    Chisato Shirasagi
    Maya (Icon)
    Maya Yamato
    Eve (Icon)
    Eve Wakamiya

  9. Roselia
  10. Yukina (Icon)
    Yukina Minato
    Sayo (Icon)
    Sayo Hikawa
    Lisa (Icon)
    Lisa Imai
    Ako (Icon)
    Ako Udagawa
    Rinko (Icon)
    Rinko Shirokane

  11. Morfonica
  12. Mashiro (Icon)
    Mashiro Kurata
    Touko (Icon)
    Touko Kirigaya
    Nanami (Icon)
    Nanami Hiromachi
    Tsukushi (Icon)
    Tsukushi Futaba
    Rui (Icon)
    Rui Yashio

  13. Raise A Suilen
  14. Layer (Icon)
    Rei Wakana
    Lock (Icon)
    Rokka Asahi
    Masking (Icon)
    Masuki Satou
    Pareo (Icon)
    Reona Nyubara
    Chu2 (Icon)
    Chiyu Tamade

  15. Glitter*Green
    • Yuri Ushigome
    • Rii Uzawa
    • Nanana Wanibe
    • Hinako Nijikii

  16. CHiSPA
    • Natsuki Umino
    • Satomi Saiko
    • Mayu Kawabata
    • Fumika Mori

  • All bot names are taken from the games Bang Dream! Girls Band Party.
  • Custom Bots will appear on the difficulty Expert.
  • Bots from Glitter*Green and CHiSPA band members will appear on difficulty Hard and Expert.
  • On the Specified BOT feature, Raise A Suilen band members will use the Stage Name.
  • Bots from Bang Dream! Collaboration Events not included.
  • Attributes such as images are taken from game assets and the Bandori Party website.
  • Check the changelog.txt file to see the update history.
  • Check the readme.txt file to see how to install it.

For CSGO version will be coming soon ...

See Also


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munawars14 Joined 6mo ago
158 points Ranked 63,536th
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