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Mr. Game & Watch - Resprited

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


"No Feather" update 5d
  • Addition Includded a version without the feather in the Forward Smash
  • Feature Includded a backup file in case you replaced the original Mr. Game & Watch and it won't work anymore

The Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch mod... Hopefully

I remade Mr. Game & Watch's sprites to be like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he morphs into the characters from those games instead of just using their weapons. You can either replace the regular Mr. Game & Watch with this new one, or give this new one an unique slot

He plays exactly the same as he does in Crusade, this is just an aestethic change, and so, the only one I couldn't change was his forward air, it's still a box instead of a bomb and the jab doesn't have a finisher hit

His changed sprites are:
- Walking Sprite
- Running Sprite
- Jab
- Side Tilt
- Up Tilt
- Down Tilt
- Forward Smash
- Down Smash
- Up Aerial
- Neutral Special
- Side Special
- Down Special
- Trows

I don't guarantee getting to change how the moves work


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Original Sprites
El Karlo
El Karlo Joined 2mo ago
274 points Ranked 53,821st
I made all of the original sprites from scratch based on screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mr. Game & Watch (The Base Character I Used)
The Super Smash Bros. Crusade dev team
I used Mr. Game & Watch as the base, wich was alerady in the game, so they created it


El Karlo avatar
El Karlo Joined 2mo ago
274 points Ranked 53,821st
El Karlo
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