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Hyrule Souls™ Alpha Test

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Update 0.9.3 4hr
  • Adjustment Changed a Lynel combo now he loads up his sword with extreme hot fire and then does a 2x Combo instead of a classic 3x combo
Update 0.9.2 9hr Adjustment Update 0.9.1 22hr Adjustment3 Update 0.9 2d Improvement4 Overhaul Adjustment4 BugFix Version 0.8 4d Overhaul Addition5 BugFix Improvement Adjustment3

Prepare To Breathe Editon

Hyrule Souls™: Prepare To Breathe Editon:
The goal of this mod is to rebalance the game in a way that it feels more like a Souls-Like.
Weapons dont break, Weapons deal less dmg, focus on dodge/parry, Dark Souls type Systems like Bonfires/Estus Flasks


Weapon System
-Almost all Weapons (except Rods and some other) dont break but they deal less damage
-There are 4 extreme strong weapons which still break but you dont get them often
-Bows got nerfed hard, because you get too much arrows
-2 Handed Sword                knockback = ok            I DPS = Worst
-1 Handed Sword+Shield   knockback = None      I DPS = OK
-Spears                                  knockback = None      I DPS = Best

Fighting System:
-Urbosa, Mipha and Daruks abilities were nerfed because they were too strong
-All Food heals 1/4 Heart and Estus Flask heals different depending on Max HP.
-No Flurry Rush but still iframes like in Dark Souls
-Bombs deal 1 damage
-Enemies dont regen HP

-You cant sell anything anymore
-You get Rupees (Souls) by killing enemies
-Resting at Bonfires heals you full and respawn enemies

My Plans for the new Armor System
-First Armor parts get "Base DEF 3 /+1 DEF 6/+2 DEF 9/+3 DEF 12/+4 DEF 15"
-Armor without Abilities should be a bit stronger to compensate that
-Armor with very strong Abilities are a bit weaker to compensate that
-Armor which needs rare materials are a bit stronger
-Armor which aint part of a Set get DEF 8 or DEF 12 depending on how expensive
Thats basically the Armor System which I would like to do but I dont have the Energy.
When you also wanna be an Owner of this Mod make that System :D

If you cant mod then it would already be very helpful to get feedback for the balancing.
Are Heals too weak / strong ?
Is Weapon Damage too weak / strong ?
Do Enemies drop too much / less Rupees ?

Is there a Bonfire which is missing ?
Any Ideas ?
Please see this as a Test because this mod is not final and is missing some major features.
When you play this Mod PLEASE give Feedback I really need that, play this in Master Mode and expect to die... this is Hyrule Souls.


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  • Napako avatar
    Napako Joined 5mo ago
    are you planning on adding a rolling mechanic? 
    URL to post:
  • Crondon710 avatar
    Crondon710 Joined 5d ago
    Hey, is there any way to disable the health/food re-work? This has near flawless compatibility with SOTW, but filling the hunger meter with food doesn't seem to be possible with this mod. Besides that, this mod is great and looks like it's going to shape up well. 
    URL to post:
  • Coriantum avatar
    Coriantum Joined 7mo ago
    707 points Ranked 43,783rd
    7d 7d
    That's an interesting idea, I've been spending days playing Dark souls, I would be interested to make some armors (Models) if I have the time and resources, I would love to see an estus flask thing, as managing health and recovery in Dark souls really got me into it, although we might have to wait a little while longer for it. 
    URL to post:
  • this doesn't seem to work on the wii u through sdcaffine.  What should I do?
    URL to post:
  • This is looking great so far! I haven't tried it out yet only because I'm still playing survival of the wild but from the updates I'm seeing, I'm excided. Perhaps this could eventually  include some dark souls armor and weapons in the future? 
    URL to post:
  • If you like the survival, exploration, and immersion aspects of BoTW then this mod isn't for you. It's a decent difficulty mod but if you want difficulty mixed with the survival and immersion of the original game then this will break that.

    But if you're going for the pure Dark Souls pain slog, then this mod hits that point.
    Modding Addict avatar
    Modding Addict
    URL to post:
  • Yo! Definitely get into the Zelda BOTW Modding Hub on Discord if you aren't already. I don't mod (don't have a good computer and don't know how), yet they've been helpful even to me.

    Showcase your mod there, and ask for help. I guarantee you people will be interested in checking it out. They will notice the similarities, but if you're upfront about that, you'll be fine.
    URL to post:
  • Zeikire avatar
    Zeikire Joined 6mo ago
    118 points Ranked 67,908th
    Maybe try talking to Hollo, who makes Hyrule Rebalance? He has very similar ideas in his mod and might be able to give you pointers. His mod definitely makes Hyrule feel souls-like.
    URL to post:


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Hyrule Souls
Special Thanks
FromSoftware, Inc.
Game Design/Icons/Names/Models
lukinu_u Joined 7d ago
drockloch Joined 4mo ago
137 points Ranked 64,819th
Game Over Screen Creator


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