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Pokémon Sword: Solo Self Found

A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


quick hotfix 15d
  • BugFix Route 8 (on Steamdrift Way) [H] caused a crash due to silly leftover mistake that wasn't suposed to make the upload. I've updated the main file

All Shield Exclusive Pokémon! No more trade evolutions!

Pokemon Sword SSF
Tested on Pokemon Sword v1.2.0 for Yuzu Emulator

The goal of this mod is to provide people who play on emulator, or without internet a way to complete their pokedex (all 400 Pokemon) by merging all Shield exclusives into Sword, and changing trade evolutions to evolve at level 50 instead.

Please note that this mod is meant for offline play, the Shield Exclusives caught should most likely never be traded as they dont have the Legit checkmark in PKHeX

The catch rates are Similar or slightly lower than they normally would be, and the pokemon are found where they normally would in Pokemon Shield (with exception of Oranguru and blue Basculin)

Pokemon Encounter Changes:

(S)=Shown roaming in the grass
(H)=Hidden in the grass
*=tested area/pokemon

*Route 1 (S):
Skwovet 50%>47%
Scorbunny 1%
Grookey 1%
Sobble 1%

*Route 2 (H):
Seedot 20%>10%
Lotad 10%

*Route 5 (S):
Stufful 35%>30%
Spritzee 5%

*Route 5 (H):
Dottler 26%>21%
Lombre 5%

*Route 6 (Fishing):
Magikarp 70%>60%
Basculin(blue striped) 10%

*Route 8 (S):
Golett 25%>20%
Gurdurr 25%>20%
Vullaby 5%
Solrock 5%

Route 10 main area(H):
Vanillish 30%>28%
Eiscue 2%

Bridge Field (S) Overcast:
Zigzagoon 35%>30%
Croagunk 5%

*Bridge Field (S) Sandstorm:
Bonsly 40%>35%
Croagunk 5%

Dusty Bowl (S) Fog:
Wobbuffet 55%>50%
Duskull 35%>30%
Sableye 5%
Duosion 5%

Dusty Bowl in the sky (S) Fog:
Braviary 98%>93%
Mandibuzz 5%

Giant's Cap (H) Normal weather:
Nuzleaf 40%>35%
Lombre 5%

Giant's Cap (S) Fog:
Gothita 40%>35%
Solosis 5% (all 3 sections)

Giant's Cap (S) coming from ground (all weather):
Solrock 100%>95%
Lunatone 5%

Giant's Mirror (S) Overcast:
Sawk 10%>8%
Corsola 2%

*Glimwood Tangle (H):
Morgrem 20%>18%
Shiinotic 20%>18%
Ponyta 4%

Lake of Outrage (H) Normal Weather:
Corviknight 40%>35%
Oranguru 5%

Lake of Outrage (H) Thunderstorm:
Boltund 38%>34%
Sliggoo 2%
Drampa 2%

Lake of Outrage (H) Intense Sun:
Rhydon 33%>30%
Larvitar 2%
Zamazenta 1%

Lake of Outrage (H) Overcast:
Skuntank 33%>30%
Larvitar 3%

Lake of Outrage (H) Raining:
Pelipper 38%>36%
Goomy 2%

The following trade evolutions will now evolve at level 50 instead:

Applin has a 5% chance to have Sweet Apple as Held Item

Note that this is my very first mod for Pokemon Sword and even though its mostly tested, there may be some missing pokemon. i used Serebii as main source of my information for all the exclusives and trade evolution's. please let me know if you run into any issues.

This mod does not work on Pokemon Shield and i know it sucks to hear, but as i don't play pokemon shield i have no plans to make such version right now.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file

  1. Pokémon Sword


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  • fredinator avatar
    fredinator Joined 20d ago
    13d 13d
    What is the easiest way to check if it works on a switch with atmosphere?
    I put it in the titles folder for sword but I dont know if was actually loaded. Mods in general work since I use one for BotW
    URL to post:
  • naruto10890 avatar
    naruto10890 Joined 13d ago
    You could add the Growlithe
    URL to post:


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GrandTickler Joined 23d ago
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GrandTickler Joined 23d ago
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