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The Sword That Sealed The Darkness

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


1.02 5d
  • - Polished sword pulling cutscene
  • - Fixed improperly formatted text
  • - Added alternate build with original Master Sword stats
Switch Port! 11d 1.01 13d
[Switch port now available!]

The Sword That Sealed The Darkness is a small expansion to the Master Sword quest chain, intended to rebalance the early hours of Breath of the Wild, and offer an alternative rebalance to weapon durability.

Following Ganon's victory, Zelda hid the legendary Master Sword within Deku Forest. But as time passed, the Master Sword grew weaker, and its two halves separated --- the blade remaining under the careful eye of the Deku Tree, and the hilt guarded by the ever patient Sheikah.

Ideally, this mod would be played blind, with durability enabled, from the start of a new game. It is, however, fully compatible with existing saves. If you're lost (or just curious), the exact changes have been detailed here.


- During your first conversation with Impa, you will be given an unbreakable, extremely weak weapon called the Broken Sword. It's barely stronger than the soup ladel, and has a range to match. In the unmodded game, players often report avoiding fights entirely, especially in Master Mode, due to the constant stressor that is weapon durability. The Broken Sword aims to correct this issue without removing durability as a mechanic entirely, by providing the player with a reliable fallback during fights, just in case things get truly desperate.

- Obtaining the Master Sword now requires the Broken Sword in your inventory, as well as the previous requirement of thirteen hearts. The sword pulling animation has been updated. It was not easy to do that, no, thank you for asking.

- The Master Sword is now unbreakable, and its attack has been lowered by ten points to compensate. This should ensure that the sword feels powerful and consistently useful, while still giving the player an incentive to switch things up situationally.

- The Master Sword remains in a slightly tarnished state, even after it's recovered — at least for a bit. It's a metaphor for Link's failure and trauma, y'all, it shouldn't jump straight back to mint condition. 

An alternate build has been provided for players who want to use this mod with the Master Sword's original attack and durability. I would sincerely recommend you use the default package, unless your game has been heavily rebalanced through other mods.

Although this mod doesn't expand The Trial of the Sword, it may in future, and as such currently requires at least the first DLC pack to be installed.


This mod should be fully compatible with any other mod that doesn't modify the Master Sword, or any of the following events, or their associated animations.
  • Demo202_0 (starting the trial of the sword at the Master Sword's altar)
  • Demo300_0 (pulling the Master Sword from the altar)
  • Demo380_0 and Npc_Kakariko001 (Impa's first and regular conversations, respectively)
Any replacements to the Master Sword's model or texture, or the player model, shouldn't cause any actual problems, but might cause visual issues during the above events.


This mod owes everything to H2714's Tarnished Master Sword mod. The model and textures have been used here, with permission.

To Do (Maybe)

  • I'd love to add a little more meaning to The Trial of the Sword by giving every tier of the sword its own model and texture, and maybe unlock more of the sword's powers each time. This would require creating a new custom weapon for each tier, however, which would raise issues for anyone who wishes to uninstall this mod. So I'm going to leave this on the "maybe" pile. That said, if anyone figures out how to make non-Weapon_Sword_070 weapons actually recharge, hit me up immediately, and I'll make this happen.

Known Issues

  • Your first meeting with the Deku tree is a little weird. Since that event is stored in a bfevtm file, which isn't easily editable, the Master Sword will appear as normal.
  • Any other mods that tweak the Master Sword's appearance will cause a very brief visual inconsistency when you try to pull it from the altar. This could probably only be fixed by a) new custom models, or b) even sneakier camera angles, or c) a complete animation replacement for Demo300_0, that I am quite honestly not skilled enough to implement myself.


Alternate File Sources

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  • Sorry to bother you again. I need to report an apparent bug. After completing the full Master Trials--all 3--the model fo the master sword is still the tarnished beat-up model. I've moved it around in load order, to the top and tried it lower. I'm not sure what is causing it.
    Modding Addict avatar
    Modding Addict
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  • Hi! I wanted to know if you could make the unbreakable and lowered attack addition separated from the mod. I think the survival of the wild mod I have is making this whole mod crash but I would really like to continue using this sword adjustment.
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  • Zeikire avatar
    Zeikire Joined 6mo ago
    103 points Ranked 71,607th
    Hi, great mod! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a version without the changes to the power and durability of the completed master sword? So that I can keep all the other awesome features without breaking the balance of Hyrule Rebalance, which really doesn't jive well with unbreakable weapons.
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  • reap3rx avatar
    reap3rx Joined 1y ago
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    10d 10d
    I really like the idea of you changing out the models after each Master Sword upgrade. Add a little Link to the Past flavor into BotW. Maybe when it's first obtained, it's in a broken looking state, like what it looks like when Zelda took it to the Lost Woods. After the 1st trial, it looks like the normal Master Sword not chipped and cracked, 30 damage. After the 2nd trial, it's the red level 3 Tempered Master Sword, 40 damage. and after the final trial, it's the level 4 Golden Master Sword, 50 damage. If you want to balance it a little more, you can up the damage for each level by 5 instead of 10, but IMO if you've completed the 3rd level Trial of the Sword, you deserve a badass unbreakable Master Sword lol. 

    Just an idea if you want to go that route!
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  • Gurudo99 avatar
    Gurudo99 Joined 3y ago
    252 points Ranked 55,097th
    Have sort of an issue, not really game breaking as far as I can tell, but after I got the sword I saved, quit, then reloaded later to play again and now I have both the sword and the broken sword. The blade piece is also in the pedestal again. It's at the highest load order and I have remerged but it persists.
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  • Hey nice mod, it makes the Master Sword a bit more usefull, but wasn't that sword going to be the most powerful melee weapon?, so why not give it 70 or 75 points of damage. 
    I don't have any name ideas
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  • I keep getting an error for the new install it says the file doesn't have a rules.txt in it? Is there anyway you can help?
    Don't Fall Asleep
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  • hi !

    Which program do you use to extract 3D and modify the textures pls? 
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  • could you port it to switch?
    URL to post:
  • So how does this affect the Trial of the Sword and the upgrades?
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