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Crystalline Helper

A Mod for Celeste


Version 1.4.3 6d
  • BugFix Fix crash when dashing and dying at the same time while inside a No Dash Trigger
Apparently this bug was reported to me 2 weeks ago and I only just noticed.
Version 1.4.2 6d Addition Adjustment Improvement Version 1.4.1 11d Addition Version 1.4.0 12d Addition Adjustment Amendment Version 1.3.2 16d BugFix

Miscellaneous objects with a lack of focus

A helper mod, focusing on adding cool new crystals. These were going to be used in my mappack, but I got too lazy to work on that, so I'm releasing these publicly. I might be a bit lazy regarding bug fixes, but feel free to report anything by pinging me in #modding-feedback in the Celeste server.

Time Crystal: A crystal that, when touched, stops time for every other entity! Looks pretty cool, I think.

Fill Crystal: Simple crystal that gives you the ability to dash if you don't already have it.

Star Crystal: When used, it grants the player invincibility, infinite dashes and infinite stamina for a short period of time. And gives them rainbow hair.

Tele Crystal: Instantly teleports the player as far as they can go in the direction it's pointing. This has the potential to freeze the game if the player never gets stopped, so be careful.

Linked Move Blocks and Linked Move Block Trigger: A variety of move block that can be linked together in a group by giving them a number, and can be remotely activated by activating a trigger with that number. Default is just a grey version of a move block that doesn't behave differently from normal move blocks.

No Dash, No Grab, No Jump Triggers: Triggers that prevent you from performing the associated action when you are inside of them.

Player Timestop Trigger: When the player enters this, they get frozen in time. They can still be pushed around though!

Keyberry: A berry that, when collected, will open any doors nearby. A 1-up will unlock every door in the room.

Reset Door Trigger: When entered, it will respawn all doors in the level, and the keys or keyberries that opened them.

Custom Prologue Bridge and Activator: A customizable collapsing bridge! You can control the order they fall in, how long between each bridge, and how fast the bridges collapse.

Locked Intro Car: I hope you didn't lock your keys inside.

Custom Wind Trigger: A fully customizable wind creator. You can control the horizontal and vertical speed, create wind cycles, and other cool things.

Custom Wind Snow: Custom snow to go with your custom wind. Choose colors, amount, and visual speed. Note that only custom wind snow visually indicates diagonal wind, so if you wanna do that, use this.


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Key Authors
Lots of help with coding
Suggested bugfix solutiions


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