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Zelda - Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


1.4 7d
  • Addition Mod now includes its own Gerudo Gate Pass! (No third party mods required)
1.3 11d Improvement3 1.2 21d BugFix Tweak Improvement 1.1 2mo Improvement2
This mod adjusts all texts as well as cutscene-audio (voices) to fit a Princess Zelda PC.

*NEW - Version 1.4 Now includes its own Gerudo Town Gate Pass!

Dialogue & Cutscene-Audio Adjustments changes all texts and voice lines to match a Princess Zelda player character. In addition, the memory scenes of the Champions are swapped with the The Champion's Ballad memory scenes.

Since Version 1.4, the mod adds its own Gerudo Gate Check Removal, so no other mods are required!

I am not part of the Zelda's Ballad Team! This is a project of mine I have been working on for quite some time, inspired by a similar mod made by Wolvatron.
However, I do highly recommend to use my mod with Zelda's Ballad. This team has done an extraordinary job!

Please feel free to list any typos/bugs you find in the comment section. It is highly appreciated!

1. Update your Game to Version 208 with ALL DLCs installed.

2. Install a Zelda Replacer.

(3. Version 1.4 no longer requires a Gerudo Gate Pass mod since it now includes its own version.
     -> Uninstall any old Gate Check Removal you were using.)

4. Install my mod via BCML or via CEMU as a graphic pack.


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  • Been playing with this mod for a while, and I am honestly flabbergasted. "Adjustments" completely undersells the degree to which this mod completely overhauls the storyline. Like, if every line is replaced and rewritten to fit the context of Zelda being the hero instead of Link, then this must have been an insane amount of rewriting and audio editing. Any idea how many new/changed lines there are?

    Super curious to see if you have, like, a spreadsheet of all the replaced lines or something.
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  • StankFoe avatar
    StankFoe Joined 9d ago
    This has been a fantastic addition to my Zelda's Ballad play-through, totally immersive and totally impressive!

    I've only noticed one instance of an npc referring to me as a male and that would be Beedle. If you have a beetle on you he'll beg you to give it to him and if you refuse he will say:

    "Maybe I'll sneak into his inventory and replace it with a common beetle while he's not looking."
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  • Finally got the Gerudo Gate check to work lol. For anyone having trouble, keep disabling one of your mods until it works. For me I had to disable: Protectors of the Soul, Wolf Link Freedom, and Crafting Project. SotW and Hyrule Rebalance works fine.

    PS: I would just finish everything in gerudo town and the divine beast and then enable the mods again. Don't really need to revisit gerudo town after that.
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  • MoeMoeMoe avatar
    MoeMoeMoe Joined 14d ago
    This mod doesn't support japanese voices right>?

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  • Zakail avatar
    Zakail Joined 2mo ago
    using CEMU and BCML I can not get any of the listed methods for the Gerudo work around to work. Every time I walk up to the gates they throw me out and call me a "thief" 

    I have attempted both versions linked here, through BCML and as a graphics pack with no change in results in the game. 
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  • We really need to have the DLC to play this mod?...
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  • CosmicDeity avatar
    CosmicDeity Joined 2y ago
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    I setup everything correctly using BCML but for some reason I keep getting thrown out of Gerudo Town. The text works but I'm only allowed in while wearing the vai or voe set or a combination of the two. Do you have any idea why I might be having this issue and how I can fix it? I'm playing on Wii U. 
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  • KittyLizz avatar
    KittyLizz Joined 2mo ago
    This is perfect, thank you!
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  • Brother, it would be great if you could add it in some way in Spanish because you would give a great help to the Spanish community
    zelda is love, zelda is life
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  • CYB3RTR0N avatar
    CYB3RTR0N Joined 2y ago
    749 points Ranked 43,357th
    The cutscene with Daruk the audio was messed up a little for me. Might want to check to make sure that cutscene is playing properly. Also the quest that you renamed The desert should have a capital D. besides that it's a really great mod.
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Mod Creator
Special Thanks
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Zelda's Ballad Team
Zelda's Ballad
Gerudo Gate Check Removal
Artsy Omni
Hylia Sherif Font


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Orwanur Joined 2y ago
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