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Rename Teddie to Kuma

A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Refactored to Use P4G Exe Patcher 5d
  • Refactor Now includes patches folder in main download that utilizes P4G Exe Patcher
  • Removal Removed previous Reloaded II mod in favor of P4G Exe Patcher
Version 1.3.1 24d Addition Version 1.3 25d Refactor Addition2 Version 1.2.3 30d Addition Added Compatibility Patch 1mo Addition
I created this mod because I prefer using the Japanese over English voices in game.  It's pretty jarring to keep reading "Teddie" but hearing "Kuma."  That being said, this mod would probably not go too well if you play with the English voices.

Every single instance of "Teddie" should be replaced with "Kuma" whether its Teddie himself talking or others talking about him.  This includes:
- Stat and S.Link menus
- Dungeon dialogue
- Rise's navi lines
- Overworld dialogue
- Clothes descriptions
- TV Listings descriptions
- Calendar recollections

The Japanese OP as seen in the thumbnail isn't included in this mod as it's included in my other mod.

I had to ctrl+f and hex edit a lot of files so I may have missed lines here and there (hopefully not).  If you use my mod it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me if you encounter something not being replaced.  I haven't tested the entire game but the small portion I have tested does work.

I found some instances of "Teddie" within the game's executable so I couldn't just have the simple drag and drop folders.  To compensate for this, I included a mod to use with the Reloaded-II.exe in the download.  This way it should work with every version of the game.

Modifying Exe
In order to utilize the 'patches' folder please download P4G Exe Patcher.

Resolving Conflicts Easily w/ The Golden Fix
If you want to use this mod with The Golden Fix since the OP lists "Teddie" as "Kuma" as well, I provided a folder in the download called "The Golden Overwrite."  Just overwrite "The Golden Fix" with this Kuma mod then overwrite those together with the contents inside "The Golden Overwrite" folder.

Resolving Conflicts w/ other Mods
If you want to resolve any merge conflicts with this mod's bin files and any other mods' bin files check out my tutorial.

Here's what I edited in the bin files:


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  • Kipugo avatar
    Kipugo Joined 1mo ago
    1mo 1mo
    Great work! I was planning to use Japanese voices for my New Game+ playthrough, so this is perfect. :)

    For the Terry/Eddie portion, you could either use the name used in the Japanese script (Kumada-san) or you could use the names Kumi and Maasaki, which are names that can be combined to make "Kuma".
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  • Danikiri avatar
    Danikiri Joined 1mo ago
    This is a damn good mod, i hate english bullsht

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  • Tupelov avatar
    Tupelov Joined 2mo ago
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    We need batch frontend for atlus script compiler oof
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