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P4G BGM Enhancement

A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Release 1.4.1 9d
  • BugFix Inaba BGM failing.
Release 1.3.1 13d Adjustment Release 1.3 2mo Feature Release 1.2.1 2mo Addition Release 1.2 2mo BugFix

Randomized Battle BGM and more!

1. Description

Cheat Engine AOB script that expands P4G's use of BGM. Adds 36 new usable slots for music:

  • 5 Randomized Battle BGMs (Regular)
  • 5 Randomized Battle BGMs (Advantage)
  • All boss fights use unique songs
  • All mini-boss fights use unique songs
  • All optional bosses use unique songs
  • Void Quest only Battle BGMs (Regular+Advantage)

Currently only tested to work on the latest stable release and stable+4gb patch. Beta hotfixes may not be supported.

2. Requirements

3. Instructions

  1. Open P4G and get to the Main Menu.
  2. Open the .ct file. When prompted, say "Yes" to the Lua pop up!
  3. Cheat Engine will try automatically attaching to the P4G process and enabling the script. This might take ~5 seconds.
  4. Done! You have to repeat this process whenever starting the game though!
  5. You can further simplify this by following this guide by SeaGuardian:
  6. To any new Cheat Engine users: I strongly recommend that you do not leave Cheat Engine running when you're not using it. Some anti-cheat software don't like it for obvious reasons. Exit Cheat Engine when you're done playing!

4. Recommended Song Pack

SeaGuardian's Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack:

5. Usage

While there is a version of Music Manager that supports this with xacttool, it's honestly just too much music. Between long BGM.xwb creation times and possible troubleshooting with audio muting, full support will come with the ModLoader update. In the meantime, I recommend using the Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack as base, and adding your own music on top.

This guide covers how to prepare your wav files for use with ModLoader:

6. Issues

  • May cause an audio bug or two. It is not thoroughly tested though I have tested through ~1 month of in-game time with only one bug.
  • If the script won't enable, exit Cheat Engine and redo the process. It's important that you attach to the P4G process before loading the .ct file!

7. Songs List (Thanks to SeaGuardian)

Index - Name
886 - Battle (Regular) 1
887 - Battle (Regular) 2
888 - Battle (Regular) 3
889 - Battle (Regular) 4
890 - Battle (Regular) 5
891 - Battle (Advantage) 1
892 - Battle (Advantage) 2
893 - Battle (Advantage) 3
894 - Battle (Advantage) 4
895 - Battle (Advantage) 5
896 - Void Quest Battle (Regular)
897 - Void Quest Battle (Advantage)
898 - Shadow Yosuke
899 - Shadow Chie
900 - Shadow Yukiko
901 - Shadow Kanji
902 - Shadow Rise
903 - Shadow Teddie
904 - Shadow Naoto
905 - Magatsu Inaba Boss
906 - Margaret Battle
907 - Yukiko's Castle Mini Boss
908 - Steamy Bathhouse Mini Boss
909 - Marukyu Striptease Mini Boss
910 - Void Quest Mini Boss
911 - Secret Laboratory Mini Boss
912 - Heaven Mini Boss
913 - Magatsu Inaba Mini Boss
914 - Hollow Forest Mini Boss
915 - Yomotsu Hirasaka Mini Boss
916 - Yukiko's Castle Optional Boss
917 - Steamy Bathhouse Optional Boss
918 - Marukyu Striptease Optional Boss
919 - Void Quest Optional Boss
920 - Secret Laboratory Optional Boss
921 - Heaven Optional Boss


  • p4g_enhanced_bgm_141_by_fish.7z 9d insert_drive_file Release 1.4.1
  • base_game_encounttbl.7z 13d insert_drive_file BGME Base Encount.TBL
  • p4g_enhanced_bgm_13.7z 2mo insert_drive_file Release 1.3
  • p4g_enhanced_bgm_13_for_hotfix_01a.7z 2mo insert_drive_file Release 1.3 for Hotfix_01a
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  • Are there any plans to add more songs to replace? I'm building a music pack and wished I can add different songs for each store and a different game over theme instead of reusing the velvet room. Also if I make a pack with this script but just want 3 battle songs do I need to fill the 5 battle slots or just fill 3 and leave the last 2 empty?  Either way this mod is fantastic and I appreciate the effort to further customize P4G.
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  • does this still work after the update? i really want to use it but i'm not sure
    URL to post:
  • harper6202 avatar
    harper6202 Joined 9mo ago
    116 points Ranked 68,268th
    22d 22d
    Can you update this script so that it is compatible with version 1.1?
    idk avatar
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  • rafa97 avatar
    rafa97 Joined 1mo ago
    1mo 1mo
    I don't know what's wrong. 
    Random bgm for normal battle is working. But for boss (every big boss like chie yosuke kanji etc), it will always play bgm 898.
    URL to post:
  • teddybaire avatar
    teddybaire Joined 1mo ago
    Hey I've been trying to get this working with Persona 4 the Faithful but I'm still having issues enabling the script. Its the only mod I'm installing. I've waited until the menu shows up, tried loading both through the application and the process on cheat engine and the quicker way of just loading the table first. I still can't seem to enable it. Would you have any ideas on what went wrong?
    URL to post:
  • KumaOniOni avatar
    KumaOniOni Joined 6y ago
    734 points Ranked 43,506th
    2mo 2mo
    New Cheat Engine User Here: Appreciate the guide and the mod. I was getting around fine until I hit the Cheat engine 7.1's "active" tic box. After opening your mod the program refuses to allow me to check the box to activate it. Even hotkeys don't work. Im aware this is more likely a problem with Cheat Engine, but do you have any ideas whats causing it or how to fix it? It's literally the last step so its kinda frustrating.
    URL to post:
  • seaverns avatar
    seaverns Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    I load up the game and go into a battle right away to see if the mods are working and i am trying to use the reccomended song pack but all i get when i turn on the cheat engine script is japanese people talking whenever i go into a battle. I really just want this to work and I have no clue whats wrong. Im using reloader 2 with modloader and ive installed the song packs with mod compendium.

    edit: nevermind i thought i had to merge the new snd folder with the one in the p4g root but i just needed to keep it in the mods folder :( i wasted a ton of time trying so many things when it was just that simple.
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  • -strdsk- avatar
    -strdsk- Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    is it possible to make a batch script (or via ct lua) to run the game and execute the script

    edit: nvm, i got it
    just passing by...
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  • Woomy avatar
    Woomy Joined 2y ago
    113 points Ranked 68,825th
    Can you please give a step by step process on how to set this up? I'm not good at these complex things...
    URL to post:
  • Well, this is certainly an unexpected development! Perhaps some day we can find a way to do this without cheat engine, but until then this will do nicely.

    I'm curious, is it possible to use this method to inject background music for rainy days? I know Atlus left the rain without audio to make rainy days more ominous, but I still want to hear something wandering around town even when it's raining like p5. It doesn't feel threatening or disconcerting, it feels like the game isn't loading the music track. It's honestly my biggest annoyance with the game that hasn't been fixed by mods yet. I would be so thankful if this could be done. If not, I understand.
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