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Viv's Helper

A Mod for Celeste


Version 1.2.7 1d
  • Addition Added OutbackHelper trait to InLevelTeleporters
  • Feature Cleaned up some Ahorn files
  • BugFix Fixed major visual bug with Crystal Spinners
Version 1.2.4 11d Addition3 BugFix2 Version 1.2.3 17d BugFix2 Addition2 Version 1.2.1 1mo Amendment BugFix3 Version 1.2.0 1mo Addition4 Improvement BugFix2

A grab bag helper for Celeste modding, with something for everyone.

This is my sort of grab bag helper. It contains all sorts of useful stuff you can use for any map, with detailed tooltips and a documentation explaining some of the extra details, while being simple and efficient.

Things it contains:

Holdable Barriers: Requested by iamdadbod for Ferocious Sanctuary, these will be able to hold any holdable entity (included Modded entities!) as if it is on ground, while once picked up becomes intangible.

Holdable Barrier Controller: This allows the creator to customize the colors and particle direction in every holdable barrier in the same room as this controller.

Custom Spinners:
These new custom spinners have more options than ever before: Includes: Custom Directories for foreground spinners, background spinners, and custom debris!!, Custom coloring, and shatter coloring, Custom Border Colors, mixing color bgtiles, scaling, custom texture scaling, the ability to remove that pesky rectangle hitbox, and the ability to shatter on dash or on a Flag. (Please read the README for information on how to structure this and feel free to ping me to ask about how to set it up, as its not the most intuitive system as of now, tooltips coming when I have the time to complete them.)

Animated Spinners:
The real reason I made those custom spinners was to let these work properly. These are Animated Spinners, which allow you to set animations for your spinners, which can include variations on idly moving and upon being collided with by the player. The README will be useful for setting this up, or you can ping me to ask about how to structure it. Tooltips will be coming soon. Thanks to Scroogle for the rotating spinners sprites I use as example!

Custom Core Messages:
Core Messages are notably weird to work with, so I tried to make them easier to customize with these Custom Core Messages. These allow you to structure them so they always render in frame, can change depth to fix the pause bug (try pausing in game while in the end of Core, you'll notice Core Messages render over the pause menu.) These also give Custom Coloring and Color Borders, and give the ability to lock the position (there is a parallax effect by default.)

Corner Boost Block:
This block is a partial fix for Corner Boosts. It serves to work as an always-consistent version of the FloatySpaceBlock without Corner Correction, and works for all x-position dependent Corner Boosts, with y-subpixel dependence not taken into account yet. In the README there is an explanation as to how the block actually "fixes" corner boosts.

Crumble Jump Thru:
This works nearly identically to Crumble Block on Touch, except it is a Jump Thru Platform.

Reskinnable Berry:
This is identical to Reskinning a berry. However, because this is a separate entity it allows you to make multiple different berries in your map. So you can have strawberries and also, say, blueberries.

New Custom Blocks:
Custom Coverup Wall: Gives you the ability to set a transparency to the coverup wall and also has a flag attribute to turn it on/off.
Custom Dash Block: Adds the ability to set a flag upon being dashed into, as well as have a Custom break sound, something that is bugged in current versions of Dash blocks.
Custom Depth Tile Entity: This works like any old solid (Connects to itself like FloatySpaceBlocks) except you can change the depth to whatever you like. Complete with a list of example Depths. (Depths determine how late something is rendered, with lower numbers representing rendering over higher numbers.)
Custom Falling Block: This has 4 directions of movement, acceleration and speed modifiers, and the ability to set a flag when triggered as well as when it lands on whatever surface it may land on. (Toggles off when falling again, and on when it lands.)
Flag Condition Blocks: I made this for someone before Max's Helping Hand released Flag Exit Blocks, these work the same.

Enter Blocks:
Enter blocks are like exit blocks but better. Upon the screen loading, Enter Blocks are invisible (or with a set Transparency (alpha) value). Once entered they change to rendering with a low (customizable) transparency, and once exited, they become a solid block. 

Rainbow Spikes:
Rainbow Spikes do 2 things. One, they are colorable. If you want to set a custom color spike, just set the Color attribute to whatever color you like, or add a hex code for more customizability. Two, and the cooler piece: By leaving the color blank, it sets itself to the Rainbow Color that Spinners use. These are further customizable with Max's Helping Hand Custom Rainbow Controller, for all sorts of cool uses! Thanks to Dabba for the White Reflection Sprites!

Laser Blocks:
Laser blocks are solid entities that shoot the beams that Badeline normally shoots. They can also attach to solids for extra gameplay, with custom timings. These are kind of in beta, in that not all of the sprites work the way that they should (specifically with modifying the Active Timer). Thanks to KAERRA for the initial sprites!

Blackout Controller:
This is a weird entity. It allows you to control the screen being blacked out completely save for a few entities (the actual entity depth is -249900, so if you put some entity with depth above that you can render stuff over the blackout.)
The current list of overriden entities include:
Watchtowers (Vanilla and Playback/Hint Watchtowers only)
Player Playbacks
Any item that is Holdable
Also disables all lights and blooms when the effect is set to true.
Set it to flag for use with other entities. The relevant flag that sets it on/off is "VH_Blackout"

Custom Player Playbacks:
This is a highly requested entity. Custom Player Playbacks give you more options to make your life easier for Ghost Player Playbacks. You can:
Change the delay before the animation starts
Set the color
Change the speed at which it travels (please do not use custom values, and use the provided as it can cause artifacts and other jank.)
Can be activated and deactivated with an Activate Custom Player Playback Trigger.

Playback Watchtowers:
Another requested one. Used in tandem with Custom Player Playbacks "CustomID," Playback Watchtowers will activate Playbacks when inside the watchtower. You can also toggle them on and off with a keybind found in ModOptions.

Hint Watchtowers:
This was an extension off of Playback Watchtowers which took it up a few notches.
This is an integrable version of Playback Watchtowers which allows creators to give map hints using Dialog Textboxes as well as Playback Watchtowers. You can set up to 5 hints per watchtower currently.
A Super Custom Room Wrap Controller.
Control offsets from a room boundary, exit velocity, and toggle wrapping on and off with this controller! (Also, you can wrap some entities around the room too :) )

A Super Custom Instant Teleport Trigger:
It does what you think it does. Except a lot more. Exit Velocity modifiers, rotation modifiers, position modifiers, instant transitions between rooms, and toggleable lightning (glitch effect coming soon™), as well as some toggleability of the trigger itself.

Floaty Break Block:
What if we took a Floaty Space Block and crossed it with Shroom Helper's Crumble Wall on Touch? A Floaty Break Block.

Wrappable Entities:
If configured correctly,*** these entities can wrap around the screen just like you do! Perfect for puzzles and cool mechanics.

Custom Torch:
A Custom Color and light radius variant of the mirror temple torch

Carryable Torch (Torch Follower, Torchlight):
Made for a map for WhippyorcYT, this light upon touching the player follows the player around like a berry before it is collected. This can be used with the Dark attribute to make for interesting Gameplay. (Thanks to Nikko for the torch sprite!)

Traveling Flame + Triggers:
A version of the Carryable Torch that moves around to specific points. Currently does not have Bezier curve functionality, but its coming real soon! Thanks again to Nikko for the flame sprites.

Variant Changing Mirror: 
Is self explanatory. Changes the variant of the player to Madeline or Badeline upon touching the mirror. Currently the main mechanic in Part of Me.

Variant Specific Boosters
Boosters that only activate if you play as Badeline (or not)

Variant Refills:
Refills that switch between Madeline and Badeline. Can also be toggled to refill dashes.

Dream Mirror (No Cutscene):
Dream Mirror. Without the cutscene. Also customizable with different frames, glass (from Variant Swapping Mirrors) and Reflection types. Also can come as broken.

Introducing Curve Entities! These aren't quite perfect yet, but they are far enough along I can release it confidently. Comes with Curved Platform and Zip Movers, and currently working on Swap Blocks, Camera Triggers, and more!

Confetti Trigger
Trigger. Make confetti. Go poof.

Custom Seeker:
The big one is now more manageable! A custom seeker that delags seekers and add all the customizability. It's too much! (So I made a "simple" one, that is just more manageable.)
If you want to make it a bit easier to read, there are debug commands to help with making the custom seeker, which creates this file (this version is annotated.) Feel free to ping me in the Celestecord server for help with it. 

Custom Seeker Generator:
Generates Seekers on a timer, with some customizability. I'm open to suggestions on how to add to it.

Energy Crystal:
The newest insanity I've crafted. This is a speed storage crystal. Upon collecting the crystal you will lose all your speed, and the next time you dash you instead get launched at the speed of your dash + the added speed you collected.

Same Room Teleporters:
Sort of an extension onto my Instant Teleport Triggers, these allow you to teleport between two places in a room, and has a custom length parameter which accurately places the player dependent on the length of the teleporter itself. Very janky, but now with tooltips.

Redirectable Booster: Orange Booster:
Enough said about this. It's a redirectable booster. You cannot dash out of the booster, as dashing in the direction changes the booster's direction.

SemiControllable Booster: Wind Booster:
This is a somewhat controllable Red Booster, which changes functionality slightly when wind is present. Still a work in progress, I'm looking for comments on this so feel free to ping me on the Celeste Discord about this or any of the boosters.

Pink Booster: Feather/Seeker Booster:
This is a very controllable Red Booster which acts like a Feather. It has a slower turning radius than a feather and cannot be slowed down, but does not have a time limit.

Refill Wall:
Refill walls is a bigger refill. Super useful when you have a large range to land in, but you don't want cheese in your maps. I'm currently looking for tips on how to make it look and feel nicer in game, so please let me know if you have any suggestions.

In Beta:
Animated Spikes: A cleaner formatting to animated spikes, now allowing for any amount of frames. Still in Beta.

Note there are guides on how to use the Room Wrap Controller and Instant Teleport Triggers here.

WIP stuff
Curved Platforms, Swap Blocks and More!
Other suggestions from the community and bugfixes, if you have suggestions or issues with the helper, hit me up in the Celeste Modding Discord or on Discord @Viv#1113. You can also submit bugfixes (for now) here, on my bugfixing Google Doc.


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Key Authors
Viv Joined 7mo ago
423 points Ranked 49,615th
Anilmky -Nikko-
Made the torch sprites and flame sprites, as well as hi-res spinners
WizardOfWit Joined 7mo ago
17 points Ranked 66,289th
Helped with Mirror Sprites and Booster Sprites
Aylse Joined 7mo ago
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Helped with Booster Sprite
KAERRA Joined 8mo ago
427 points Ranked 49,359th
Helped with Laser Block Sprites
Helped with Rainbow Spikes Sprites
Scroogle Joined 4mo ago
Helped with Animated Spinner rotating spinner sprite


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Viv Joined 7mo ago
423 points Ranked 49,615th
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