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Jim leaves the ground to the crusade (0.9.3)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


0.2 2d
  • Adjustment improvement on specials (like his b and his up b)
  • Adjustment damage reduction in down smash
  • Adjustment settings on the hover and jump
  • Addition adjustments to different attacks, such as final smash, down throw and dash attack
Thank you all for your criticism to make this mod a better one, I don't know if you have noticed it already, but if you use the grab while running it will have a greater reach, that happened even with the first version of the mod, that you enjoy it

That's right, Jim and Earthworm Jim comes to the crusade as another Sega rep, I found a mod on the internet a long time ago, but, I decided to make my own mod, they have some little secrets, like their forward air. as string retrieval, it's just an example, if you want the scenario and don't have it, here is the link:

There will be palettes soon and I will fix any errors that appear


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  • access_time 2d
    can you fix his mug have white background
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  • Smashstar16 avatar
    Smashstar16 Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 3d
    A fantastic mod! Here are just some things I would change personally:

    His neutral special (the first and third variations) feel kind of overpowered. I mashed it and they were at 100% in seconds. I would personally make the first variation kind of like Fox lasers where it doesn't stun and then maybe reduce the damage a bit. The third variation I think needs a little more knockback so that the opponent won't stay in place if I mashed the button.

    His down smash has a little too much knockback. I hit a Toon Link at 50% and he flew so far he couldn't recover. 

    Dash attack is a wee bit weak in damage.

    Finally, I feel like his down grab shouldn't keep the opponent in place. I was able to quickly abuse it to the point of it being unfair. 

    Other than that, I really do think you did a great job inserting Jim into Smash. He just needs a little balance changing and he's perfect :)
    It's Over 9000!
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  • imadamn avatar
    imadamn Joined 3mo ago
    640 points Ranked 44336th
    access_time 3d
    This is cool I like it alot! Good mod
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  • WaluigiDX avatar
    WaluigiDX username pic Joined 1mo ago
    930 points Ranked 41804th
    access_time 3d
    It's perfect! 9•<•9
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  • HarmoniaZX avatar
    HarmoniaZX Joined 11mo ago
    214 points Ranked 56784th
    access_time 3d
    im liking this my man.
    looking forward to any future update for the earthworm man.
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    mod connoisseur
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they helped me with a problem


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